Scrum of scrums/2014-12-31

Facilitating: Grace Gellerman


  • Kunal has started a first pass at reviewing Yuvi's whitelist/greylist changes as requested in phab:T78730
    • This will probably need input from various extension authors as well to ensure that no sensitive data is leaked into labs
  • RFC draft published on "Guidelines for extracting, publishing and managing libraries" Requests_for_comment/Guidelines_for_extracting,_publishing_and_managing_libraries
  • Monolog logging config patches will be rolling out further next week or the week following; have been waiting on holiday freeze to end
  • Q3 work for team will focus on Wikidata query service and authn/authz stack



  • T48811 is close to being resolved -- patch in place awaiting review from Parsoid team members once they are back from vacation. This is the last big blocker for Parsoid HTML read views besides cite customizaiton support -- that patch is also awaiting final reviews.
  • Nothing more to report besides that -- it has been a quiet week around here.

Collaboration (Flow)Edit


  • T78172 Language-aware redirects for mdot webroot in general: Adam emailed (proprietary) stats to the internal list, but won't be pursuing this further starting in the new year
  • T76626 HTTPS-to-HTTP downgrade option interstitial for external Referers via Varnish: solution arrived at, extension code being written, Ops working on schedule


  • Adam is switching teams


  • Main ops dependencies: hardware T76986, public entry point T78194 (see ops list)
  • Refactoring restbase route registration (T76883); will make adding more entry points quite a bit easier