Scrum of scrums/2014-12-24

Facilitating: Grace Gellerman


  • Nothing in the way of blockers or heads-up to other teams
  • Ongoing bug fixes and improvements to the HTML -> wt code
  • Ongoing work to get /v2/ API in place for use by RESTbase
  • Finished up with what turned out to be a 2-week effort on improving nowiki insertion around quotes when HTML is serialized to wikitext -- surprisingly tricky to get right.
    • Other nowiki insertion code for other wikitext constructs improved a bit
    • Deployment scheduled for Jan 5th

Fundraising Tech (not present)Edit

  • Beginning work on new payment processors for China and Latin America
  • Discussing options to determine how a series of banners convinces people to donate
  • Form tweaks
  • Internal dashboard widgets


  • RESTBase:
    • Movement on (dependency on ops) today - hope to have HW ready by early January
    • hooked up test coverage metrics: 76% good as a start
    • cleaning up extension points & internal paths
  • Helping with query service testing
  • Need to set up external entry point:
    • domain discussion ( vs.
    • nginx and maybe varnish; to be shared with other services


  • Everyone is gone
  • Sentry is on beta, tgr is twerking tweaking it
  • UW errors exist, working on them
  • Missing files on Commons happened again, will check the logs soon


  • Present :)

Mobile webEdit

  • xmas slowness
  • no blockers
  • working on exploratory things