Scrum of scrums/2014-12-10

Facilitating: Grace Gellerman


  • Need ops review + help with Puppet change for exposing Citoid
  • wmf12 contains major changes to how typing works in VisualEditor. Should result in better IME support, may cause bugs
    • Thanks to David Chan for his awesome work on this
  • VE wmf12 also ships with find & replace, thanks to Ed Sanders
  • Performance issue on saving in VE (double parse) fixed thanks to Tim Starling
    • Tim also submitted a change eliminating more double parses in ConfirmEdit (CAPTCHA)
  • David Chan in SF until Dec 14
  • Roan working remotely from Europe Dec 15 - 19


  • Upcoming deployment (still testing):
  • Once that's deployed, Flow can use that instead of using data-parsoid. We'll then remove data-parsoid from expanded template content (it is not needed by Parsoid or clients and it bloats the DOM unnecessarily).


  • SHA-1 progress, unsure of when it will be done.
  • Chaining thumbnails is causing some sharpness issues, big nasty debate over it happening now. Grab your popcorn.
  • UploadWizard refactoring progressing according to plan.
  • Mark broke Firefogg uploading for a while, should be fixed now. (soon?)





  • Adam on vacation Christmas week
  • T76626 downgrade interstitial - meeting scheduled for next week to examine further options
  • T78172 Language-aware redirects for mdot webroot in general - just created card. Initial W0 experiment seems to be doing an okay job. Surprise! ;) people like searching in their keyboard language.


  • Closed sprint 79
    • Cross-wiki dashboard
    • Auto-save translation drafts
    • Publishing options and warnings
    • Various deployment related tasks
  • Started sprint 80
    • Infrastructure improvements
    • Red link adaptation
    • Various production readiness tasks
  • Joel on vacation week after Christmas


  • RT to be migrated to Phabricator Wednesday Dec 17th 1600 PST - 2400 PST
  • T1228 Restbase deployment/T76986 RESTBase production hardware
  • T76626 escalated to upper management
  • T67683 beta cluster varnish purge - bblack is on it.

Mobile WebEdit

Evaluating mustache libraries for core - probably going to use lightncandy WikiGrok to all logged in users on mobile today (1 week test) Working with Nik, Stas, Aaron on Wikidata Query engine (trying out Titan and OrientDB)


Fundraising TechEdit

  • CentralNotice:
    • Get our banner content back out of Google
    • Admin page performance and usability fixes
    • investigating banner hide cookies
      • Some banners' close buttons do not call standard hide functions
      • Added P3P headers on the HideBanner page so IE respects cookies set across domains
  • Payments cluster:
    • Quieting logs
    • Parsing new audit log formats



  • officewiki is Flow! LQT pages converted, wikitext talk pages archived, LQT turned off
  • Catalan wiki trialing Flow, along with Hebrew and French. Non-English communities want it more.
  • really need T51193 "... set $wgContentHandlerUseDB = true" on enwiki
    • VPT post proposing giving bot group the new 'editcontentmodel' right is coming
    • can we turn $wgContentHandlerUseDB = true on without fixing T73163: "Cannot edit old revisions if the content model of those revisions are different from the page's current revision live without undo?"