Scrum of scrums/2014-11-26

Facilitating: Dan Andreescu


  • OCG security issues (see ops list)
  • "Download as PDF" disabled for now
  • HHVM pools merged
  • Broken OAuth; dealt with this (European) morning by Tim/Giuseppe
  • RESTBase in progress
  • Gabriel testing on physical hosts
  • codfw fundraising in progress (network + systems config)
  • SSL expansion + SNI (performance benefit) happened earlier this week
  • Ubuntu->Debian switch discussion on the ops list
  • Yuvi switched Labs to Shinken (Icinga alternative/replacement)
  • BetaLabs already switched, more (arbitrary) Labs projects to be monitored


  • Blessedly quiet this week
  • Aaron: Sorry! Gilles promises to review the SHA-1 thing soon.
  • Thumbnail pre-generation appears to have not crashed the cluster but be careful still (how? I dunno. just don't break anything)
  • Some more informative upload wizard errors...and some less. Fixes for a few things on the way.
  • Keep an eye out for failed chunked uploads, we haven't seen any recently and honestly IT'S SCARY.

Fundraising TechEdit

  • Central Notice
    • Deployed a few times
    • User bucketing and client-side banner choice are working as intended
  • CRM - Custom reporting
  • Responding to payment processor changes and glitches
  • Internal dash - deploying new widgets
  • Form styling


  • routine continues for now
  • refactoring test repos for great good
  • implementing Rubocop linting rules everywhere
  • making Vagrant roles nicer


  • Upcoming deploy today:
    • Fix subpages links
    • Add wikidata to conf, other minor stuff


  • VE/jquery.ime interaction problems fixed, thanks to language for reviewing
    • Roan discovered ULS unnecessarily loads jquery.ime when focusing VE, will try to fix
  • Event logging change for VE landed in wmf10
    • Dan A wants to know how many events/s
    • Dan A offers to help set up dashboards once EventLogging data is coming in (Flow/Analytics#Implementation is what he worked on with Flow team)
  • David Chan in SF today - Dec 12
  • VE enabled as beta feature on (almost) all wikis


  • blocked on production phabricator not having a points field for tasks phab:T1322 (Deploy Phabricator Sprint Extension in Production)
  • labs database problems are affecting wikimetrics and other analysis tools (phab:T76075)


  • Changing the ContentTranslation beta feature configuration to hide it completely unless it's enabled (till now only the front-end entry points were configured as a beta feature)
  • Fixing other outstanding ContentTranslation bugs in preparation to January deployment
  • Blocker: Parsoid, phab:T75119


  • RESTBase:
    • Cassandra & RESTBase puppetization tested in labs
    • After working through some more hiera stuff, now testing on physical hardware in prod; expect perf data by end of week
    • Getting ready for public deploy for Parsoid data
    • Mobile Apps and revision scoring projects likely next customers
    • Subscribe to phab:tag/restbase-architecture/ to follow high-level architecture discussions around RESTBase
  • Dealing with OCG security issue


  • Release today, should remove all SECURITY patches from wmf10.
  • Phabricator/Sprint review done, Kafkatee in progress
  • IR
  • RFC for https policy
  • Phabricator
    • Use the Edit Task > Security dropdown (set it to Security or Sensitive Bug) if you see a public security issue
    • For users in security, to make a bug viewable by CC's, Edit the task and
      • Add user to CC (they will get emails)
      • Set "Security" dropdown to "none"
      • In the Visible To dropdown, select "Custom Policy", and add the user to the rule that allows access to specific users


  • Composer library infrastructure: Elastica, lessphp, cdb library, XHProf PECL
  • Editor Perf: Optimistic saving: phab:T1096
  • Wikidata query: see email to ops, but Nik is still evaluating
  • Cirrus search is everywhere, project is winding down (phab:T1224 - core doesn't have a designer any more)
  • phab:T956 - Ops: gerrit:169830
  • phab:T51193 - Core or Features needs to start a discussion after 2pm today on wikitech-l


We just converted LQT pages on officewiki to Flow! (e.g. )

  • TOC work
  • still really want $wgContentHandlerUseDB = true on enwiki in December, phab:T51193
  • got a request to stop using Parsoid private data attr, needs gerrit:170455 in Parsoid merged before we can stop