Scrum of scrums/2014-11-19

Facilitating: Andrew Otto


  • Working on translation dashboard feature for Content Translation
  • Requires we have a shared database accessible from all wikis
  • Need support from Ops:
   ** Review of sql for shared database
   ** Instructions on what is needed for deployment
  • Work on analytics for Content Translation delayed until prod release due to instability of data in beta-labs:
   ** EventLogging data may be destroyed at any time in course of feature testing
  • Niklas has updated translation memory from Solr to ES:
   ** Says initial tests show an order of magnitude increase in speed
   ** Low risk but will monitor for any issues.


  • refactoring various browser test repos
  • adding rubocop linter wherever any Ruby exists
  • updating Vagrant per survey results
  • did the Team Health Check thing



  • Fixed some rowspan/colspan corruption bugs in production, found another one this morning
  • T1220 is no longer blocking Flow, but is not yet done
  • We have an issue with jquery.ime / VisualEditor interaction that we may need the language team's help for; if I can't figure it out, I'll put a ticket on the wall


  • T1229 mdot/zerodot webroot Accept-Language redirects for zero-rated access: possibly deployed today, possibly next week. We're removing the thumbnail resizing from the patch, and Yuri's going to take Adam's code there and see if he can add some magic to File: pages in core that we can call from the extension with a later patch.


  • Patches on the cluster, more coming, including fix related to ContentHandler / T1217
  • Reviews: GlobalUserPage done, Phabricator (Aphlict and Sprint), and Varnishtee up next


  • Need reviews for Translate (Language engineering?), PageTriage (Core features?), and OpenStackManager (operations?) - T956
  • Gerrit 127460 - needs Multimedia input
  • Wikidata - bugzilla 56602
  • Search: enwiki on Cirrus, yay cake
  • HHVM: 25% of anons
  • Ori to work with Subu on instramenting parsoid for perf
  • MediaWiki 1.24, patches for other branches - Nov 26th



  • HHVM at 25% as of monday.
  • Ori in the process of deploying varnishkafka stats endpoint.,

Fundraising TechEdit

  • CentralNotice
    • deployed changes to choose banners on client
    • making A/B testing buckets work better
  • Ongoing internal dashboard work
  • Dealing with payment processor outage

Mobile WebEdit

  • WikiGrok
    • Nik is continuing investigation on Wikidata query solutions (graph databases)
    • Wikidata team has begun work on a local API interface
  • Templates in core - waiting on Mustache support (who's implementing that?)
  • EventLogging pains during A/B test


Still working on TOC. Converting LQT pages on officewiki (all 7 of them) to Flow next Tuesday


  • Hackathon last weekend went well - structured data is on the way, very exciting. Long journey, though.
  • Looking at some LDAP issues on beta, stopping GWToolset from working, need Reedy to fix it (he knows)
  • Anomie also needs to help us repackage luasandbox so we can finish adding file/page import support to mwv (he knows)
  • SHA-1 file storage patch will happen this week, we think. Oh, that's Chris's gerrit patch that needed our attention. Gilles says he's going to review it again this week.
  • Working on some stash and chunked upload bugs this week, should make things less terrible
  • Reference thumbnail fix going out in SWAT tonight, should fix past issues


  • Apache rules and packages for mediawiki/qunit jobs have been refactored to work on contint labs slaves.

TimoEdit his own team now - sorry, just don't know where else to put it this week.

  • Worked with Parsoid on CSS for Cite references
  • CSSJanus upstream review was blocking Flow. Patch merged last week in node-cssjanus. Made minor release and published on npm.
  • Cross-project collaboration ("js-global") between CLDR, jQuery Foundation and myself and Siebrand and Niklas as WMF - for standardisation on message localisation and plural/date-formatting rules in javascript - has been picked up again after a few weeks of silence.