Scrum of scrums/2014-11-12

Facilitating: Andrew Otto


  • Parsoid cluster upgrade (ubuntu & nodejs versions) completed by ops
  • Updates to jenkins jobs to catch syntax errors in config files -- found this hole on Thursday deploy that briefly (2-5 min) caused cluster outage when Parsoid failed to come back up
  • Deployed cpu timeout code (set to 5 mins) to kill cpu hogging requests
  • Upcoming: Change to the base URL to the wiki instead of the page, patch at This will need a varnish purge if clients can't deal with both versions.


  • James in London this week, Roan in NYC
  • SWATted a big pile of regression fixes yesterday
  • Table editing going to Wikipedias today


  • Working on translation dashboard feature for Content Translation
    • Allows user to stop and continue translations
    • Uses shared database to store translation drafts before publishing
    • Need help from ops setting up shared database in beta (and later prod) Task T1254
  • Working on improved translation source selection dialog
    • Input validataion
    • Language pair selection
    • Autocomplete improvements
  • Generally working on deployment and stablizing the code base for production release in Jan
    • Freezing feature development soon
    • Testing, testing, testing
  • Working with analytics team on CX publishing analytics dashboard
  • Working with legal on new MT providers and autosave issues


  • #152 mdot/zerodot webroot Accept-Language redirects for zero-rated access: potentially deploying this morning



  • UploadWizard refactoring proceeding as planned, a bit slow because of stupid prior mistakes.
  • Thumbnail chaining didn't work, standby on that.
  • Media Viewer work pretty much wound down for now.
  • A few of us will be in AMS this weekend to hack on GLAM and metadata related things
  • #151: QA, is this a dependency or are you just reporting a bug?


  • patches on the cluster
  • Reviews of OOui js, sandboxlinks done; GlobalUserPage next


  • HHVM: fixed mem leak, 20% of anons today, Ori working on pybal
  • Librarization: CSSJanus, Monolog, cdb
  • Editor performance: Ori waiting on Otto to review varnishkafka module patch to allow for multiple instances
  • Search: dewiki today, enwiki the 19th; Translate migration Solr -> ES on Nov 18th
  • SUL Finalization: Fixing up some bad page moves, otherwise done
  • #154


  • FWIW, card #151 (Multimedia) is unrelated to RelEng/QA as far as we know. It seems to be a production config issue or some such. Can we take it off the wall?
  • creating first browser tests for CentralNotice
  • started refactoring VisualEditor browser tests for modern syntax and to remove cruft
  • working with a college professor who wants to teach using our browser tests
  • ongoing Vagrant stuff

Mobile appsEdit

  • nothing major to report

Mobile webEdit

  • Doing WikiGrok A/B test soon
  • Nik is working on Wikidata query engine experimentation, met with Wikidata devs
  • Templating in core
    • HTML templating is merged
    • Waiting for Mustache support before MobileFrontend migrates to use core code (Trevor? Jon?)
      • brion todo: check in with jon & trevor to see who's doing what

Fundraising techEdit

  • Focus on CentralNotice
    • ResourceLoader module provides campaign configuration, client-side code decides which banner to request
    • Solves BannerChooser cache explosion, fixes inexact 'slot' allocation
    • Adding browser tests
  • CRM: custom fields, custom reports
  • Internal dashboard: code cleanup



  • New TOC in progress, Flow on officewiki coming.
  • Matthias in town, will talk to Nik and Chad about Cirrus search issues
  • Card #84, would like Parsoid to handle File:mysound.ogg and File:myvid.webm
  • Card #154 Enable $wgContentHandlerUseDB everywhere (bug 49193) : blockers and RobLa leading higher-level discussion
  • Card #156 need review of CSSJanus "support for four-value rules", requesting Timo review
  • Card #155 use PHP Virtual REST Service to access Parsoid on private wikis (e.g. officewiki); no action item, just something either Flow or VE might get to