Scrum of scrums/2014-10-22

Facilitating: Dan Andreescu

Currently BlockedEdit

  • Release/QA on Platform, [1]


  • Deploy of MathML/SVG-based math rendering mode to all wikis tomorrow
  • Working with Andrew Otto on Cassandra puppetization
  • RESTBase deployment prep:
    • puppet module
    • logging via gelf to logstash
    • Hardik started work on generic monitoring of backend services
  • Hiring!


  • Deployment work continues for CX (Card #137 done)
    • Repackaging after upstream Apertium bug fixed
    • Kartik working with Alex on patches. Will need more reviews.
    • Kartik in Bay Area this week
    • Targeting beta deployment for end of October
  • Closed sprint 76
    • Category adaptation
    • Link tool and search improvements
    • References and inline markup
    • Shared database design
    • Translation memory ElasticSearch migration (Card #80 closed)
    • Apertium packaging and puppetization
    • Parsoid integration
    • MT service selection
  • Started sprint 77
    • Shared database implementation
    • UI improvements ('new translation' dialog, link tool bugs)
    • Initial translation dashboard work (list published articles)
    • Mark high MT articles on publish
    • New entry point designs
    • Language support candidates
    • MLEB release
    • MediaWiki plurals support for CLDR 26


  • Prerendering thumbnails on Commons now. If thumbnails break, it's Gilles's fault.
  • #150 for more persistent Swift logging - not sure if Faidon made any progress
  • HHVM issues abound on Commons, and probably everywhere else.
  • Chunked uploading issues in the past two weeks or so - maybe HHVM related, we don't see any log entries that suggest anything else being the cause
  • Looking into JS logging solutions, especially related to saving the logs on the server so we can see what's borked
  • MMV work coming to a close, thankfully. UploadWizard and structured data now on the rise.
  • Mark moving to a proper apartment next Tuesday, will be off - Internet probably functional on Wednesday but we'll see.

Mobile appsEdit

Fundraising TechEdit

  • Got France payment issues sorted
  • Fixing banner impressions log filter (CentralNotice deploy last week changed qs param order)
  • Internal dashboard preview should be deployed today
  • Fixing CentralNotice allocations page memory usage.
  • Using DonationInterface component in CRM processing
  • Miscellaneous fixes to prepare for winter campaign


  • #147 Reliable BetaLabs- followed up offline; no ops blocker
  • #137 cxserver, in progress
  • #144 ElasticSearch hardware -- hardware arrived & was installed in rack today (!)
  • #150 keep more swift action logs. No progress yet, but should be doable.
  • #144 RestBase deployment - Cassandra Puppet module waiting for review:
  • ulsfo troubles; DC drained
  • codfw
  • initial replica of database/external storage/Swift done
  • appservers procurement on hold, waiting for HHVM progress for better capacity planning
  • ocg issues, filling up /tmp
  • HHVM memory issues
  • possibly #72205
  • manifesting in various unrelated ways
  • #119 Phabricator - (coordinated elsewhere)


  • Talks with Sean Pringle about starting a prototype small data warehouse with a single fact table
  • We're here to help with Event Logging and SQL woes, please reach out


  • Tested logstash logging in beta labs and worked through some problems (discovered that "type" and "_type" fields shouldn't be set in log events)
  • Enabling logstash in production today
  • Marcoil, with James F, working towards announcements and next steps to move Cite towards CSS-based customization (instead of site messages based customization)


  • Analytics stuff
    • Roan met with analytics folks + Matt F, found and fixed breakage in EventLogging subscriber
    • Roan met with Ori to figure out plans for editing instrumentation
    • Roan met with James F to take first stab at schema for this
    • Roan will implement initial instrumentation When He Has Time


  • Chris in SF through tomorrow
  • Working on refactoring and tech debt, emphasis on Flow right now, some MF
  • Zeljko and Antoine working on Ruby linter, Dan evolving the Ruby style guide
  • Basic training on browser test automation f2f for Rummana ahead of more test coverage for VE
  • I'll talk to Chris Steipp about that old card, see if we can retire it

Mobile WebEdit


  • Some bugs
  • Really getting to RecentActivityFeed soonish
  • Working on chunked svg uploads


  • Tim and Ori working on hhvm bugs
  • UserMerge extension prepping for deployment for SUL Finalization
  • Libraryization project starting next week

Design/User ResearchEdit

Flow (Messaging team)Edit

  • Using OOJS
  • Working on new floating TOC bar à la Winter prototype
  • mediawiki.ui modal dialog available to other teams, e-mail sent to design list.
  • Q for Brion: HTML templating RfC

Task WallEdit