Scrum of scrums/2014-10-15

Scrum of Scrums! Notes archived at (facilitator responsibilites are here too) Card wall at


Facilitator: Otto

Fundraising tech (absent)Edit

  • Reacting to new MasterCard policies
  • Tweaking forms & backend for France 'draising
  • Central Notice (non-)impressions stats improvements and allocation list memory fixes
  • Using decoupled DonationInterface in CRM processing
  • CiviCRM training

Partners + ZeroEdit

  • #145 Make Android Wikipedia Zero croutons have per-operator colors: Adam to work on during the next week or so
  • #146 Lua integration for Partners Portal: Yuri planning to break patch into more digestible chunks and have Brion and Chris review
  • #149 iOS connection management exception handling: Adam to work with Monte today


  • Nothing significant to report in terms of blockers / dependencies.
  • WIP to get logstash enabled in production (after testing in beta labs).
  • Scott on vacation; Arlo dealing with PDF service issues.


(cannot attend today; office hours) Team has been working on deploying Content Translation to beta

  • Deployment has been delayed from Sept. due to technical issues
  • Issues mostly centered around apertium service
  • Kartik and Alex are working closely to resolve by early next week

Team currently developing Content translation second release

  • Article adaptation improvements (links, categories, annotations)
  • Shared database for user translation dashboard (initial work)
  • Publishing analytics (private)

Help needed

  • Ops patch reviews by Alex for Kartik (in process)
  • EventLogging db access for Joel (RT request [wikimedia #8651])


  • #127 Elasticsearch hardware. Waiting new hardware, should come in late next week.
  • #137 CX deployment. Alex and Kartik have been working on this.
  • #147 RESTBase deployment. Gabriel met with Mark last week. Otto will start puppetizing cassandra this week.
  • #142 Citoid deployment. puppetization has been merged by Alex. Marking as done.
  • #119 Prod Phabricator. Moving?
  • #147 Reliable beta labs. Need to ask about status.


Mobile WebEdit

  • Continuing work on WikiGrok. Lots of blockers from Wikidata.
  • Initial WIP patch to support templating in core (HTML-only for now)
  • Need help with Limn graphs


  • Chris returned from vacation
  • Elena is our newly hired QA Tester, working with editing and mobile to start
  • Working with Flow a lot
  • Chris in SF next week Tue/Wed/Thu
  • Consider attending the Meetup at WMF Wed (of particular interest to Product/Project managers, team leads, etc.)


  • mobile web team's dashboards are dead, looking into fix

Flow / EchoEdit

Nothing new. Next week we merge a big patch to use OOJS in preparation for a board TOC. Working on browser tests, thanks Chris McMahon.


  • Big change in typing handling (for IME support) landed this week, going into wmf4
  • Elena (QA person) started yesterday
  • #142 is done: Citoid is up and running in production thanks to Alex K

Continuous integrationEdit

Frontend PlatformEdit