Scrum of scrums/2014-10-08


Facilitator: ottomata


  • Team worked on fixing bugs and release planning last week
  • Kicked off sprint 76 and CX release 02 this morning
  • Plan to update CLDR Plural rules in core this sprint
  • Kartik working with Alex Koslaris on deployment of CX release 01 (packaging and puppetization)
  • Following patch needs review by Ops (Alex):
  • Changed #137 back to In Progress from Done.


  • Had our QR on Friday, good portion of our time last week was spend on that.
  • Some code cleanup -- moving to promises API.
  • Will be doing some planning this week for next quarter tasks, but starting work integrating with RESTBase.


  • Dealing with quirks in France donations
  • Preparing annual report stats, about to hook up dashboard to CRM for auth
  • Using newly-decoupled bits of DonationInterface under Drupal
  • Got some great git tips from Christian Aistleitner via Dan Andreescu and found many fewer suspected self-merges
    • git log --show-notes=review includes all the code reviews!


  • Work continues on a few minor improvements to media viewer
  • Switching to UploadWizard stuff soon - chunked uploads and stash to be fixed, Firefogg support probably the first step
  • Prerendering thumbnails is going out soon (TM)
  • #141 still in progress AFAIK, Aaron needs to run a script - update: DONE! Thanks Aaron.

Partners & ZeroEdit

  • #145 - Make Android Wikipedia Zero croutons have per-operator colors - will ask for code review once we do this
  • #146 - Lua integration for Partners Portal - Yuri's getting reviews and consenus


  • Not a lot of progress on restbase code (QRs)
  • Presented on restbase at metrics: [1]
  • Getting ready for deploy:
    • Met with ops to discuss plans
    • Created a simple Debian package for restbase, puppetization next (likely not using debian package for now)
    • Ops ticket for test hw preparation: [2]
    • Cassandra: Puppetization by Sean Pringle & Andrew Otto? Upgrade to 2.0.10 ([3])
  • Mathoid deployed & operational; next step: double-check client-side rendering & performance; enable in production as an optional rendering mode
  • Citoid deployment: Roan (still blocked on ops)
  • OCG / PDF rendering: in production, Scott iterating & fixing. Bug day today (2014-10-08). Steady trickle of OTRS feedback.


  • HHVM now serving 1% of reader traffic
  • Tampa servers are being cleaned out and deracked this week.
  • Waiting for new elasticsearch servers to come in, should be in the week of the 20th sometime
  • is up! Register an account please!
    • RT->Phabricator migration in progress (both RT and Bugzilla migration are "Day 1" for Phabricator)


  • "undefined" pageviews - reporting and fixing webstats collector
  • trying out the Pentaho stack in labs
  • exploring Hadoop Streaming (lets people execute python on streams of data from HDFS)
  • we're here to help with SQL! Do NOT bang your head into your desk


Nothing much to report,

  • patches to use OOJS, changes to hide/delete/suppress topics
  • still working on Cirrus search in a board
  • cache issues, we occasionally have topics in cache that aren't in DB so we run a purge script.


  • #142 (Citoid deployment) moved a little bit, still waiting on Alex K. He said he'd work on it today or tomorrow
  • Nothing much going on, breaking things at the regular pace. Probably landing a big scary change on Thursday


  • #80 - Nik says language should be working on it?
  • Wikidata issues
  • HHVM to anons going well so far
  • SUL work finishing up


  • extension patches announcement today

Mobile appsEdit

  • doing internal refactoring, no cross-team issues expected
  • (though we are interested in better template styling RfC)

Mobile WebEdit