Scrum of scrums/2014-10-01

Facilitating: Dan Andreescu

Task WallEdit



Currently BlockedEdit

  • Parsoid on Flow, [1]
  • Service on Ops (soft blocker [2])
  • VE on Ops [3]


  • #141 is still the same as far as I know. Aaron wrote a script and needs to run it.
  • #140 is closed now, thanks QA
  • LE was gracious enough to help with our issues re: jquerymsg, thanks very much
  • Continued work on MMV coming out this week, nothing disruptive anticipated
  • Thinking about phabricator migration and sort of wondering what that will look like. Would like advice on when blackouts are so we can avoid working on those days.
  • Structured data summit in Berlin next week, Gergo and Gilles will be busy and working with the Wikidata people.


  • Finished all work for CX release
  • Kartik is working with Ops (Alex) on deployment
  • Team currently on one-week sprint break
  • Catching up on various issues
  • Will meet with Dan from analytics on Thursday afternoon
  • Will discuss basic CX translation publishing analytics
  • Gearing up to start next release cycle on Tuesday

"Core features" (Flow, Echo)Edit

  • Can't attend, it's our Quarterly review
  • developing search within board content, using ElasticSearch


  • Refactoring Echo and Flow test suites (and a little MobileFrontend)
  • Added redis to beta labs
  • Chris on vacation next week

Fundraising TechEdit

  • Testing new audit framework
  • Getting exchange rates up to date
  • Dash cleanup & auth
  • CRM tweaks, fixes, monitoring
  • Partially decoupling DonationInterface from Mediawiki
  • Finding mediawiki self-merges for PCI compliance!
    • Want to update payments cluster from 1.22->1.23
    • Requirement is that all code has been reviewed by someone, not necesssarily fr-tech


  • We're in the office next week (Oct. 6 - 10). We're going to do a quick tech talk on dashiki, Monday during lunch


  • Puppetization of Citoid done, now ready for review:
    • Created card #142
  • QR meeting today
  • Timo in SF until end of this week
  • Roan flying tomorrow, working from Europe next week



  • Roan doing all the puppetization work for Mathoid & Citoid
  • Had discussion about red links on the weekend; Bartosz convinced us to keep this in HTML classes for b/c & skin independence.
  • Getting ready for restbase deployment. Would love to use deb if we can make that work. (card [5])
  • Looking for input on our secondary index update strategy

Mobile WebEdit

  • Completed quarterly review and planning
  • Preparing for our team to double in size (onboarding, documentation)
  • Work on mediawiki-ui, i.e. adding icon support
  • Continuing development on WikiGrok
  • Cross-team dependencies are against Wikidata

Wikipedia ZeroEdit

  • Needs Analytics Ops support