Scrum of scrums/2014-09-24

Facilitating: Matt Flaschen

Task WallEdit



Notable itemsEdit

  • New PDF renderer (Offline Content Generator) scheduled for deployment September 29
  • SUL finalization making progress, but deadline will slip
  • Graph extension deployed to and Meta


  • not able to attend today, conflict
  • no dependencies, just a general note: Limn is not going anywhere. If you'd like to visualize stuff, team analytics will help you out, just ping us in IRC / on-list


  • Blocked by QA for comparison perf test - - create card
  • #136 marked done, thanks Platform - need deploy window for ImageMetrics, will schedule this week or next for beta, two weeks out for prod.
  • Ops discussion about missing Commons files and Swift - card
  • Ops: Why are Swift logs only kept for a week?
  • We'll be pushing UI improvements for Media Viewer tomorrow, but they're riding the train. No issues there.
  • Analytics: We have some neat numbers having to do with UploadWizard errors and dropoff rates if you want to see them, and we're hoping to get screen/window size numbers in the next two weeks to inform our thumbnailing work


  • Good progress on RESTBase implementation; basic functionality for page content now there
    • Retrieval of HTML by oldid, data-parsoid storage, transparent fall-back to Parsoid
    • composable buckets; example: high-level pagecontent bucket
    • Next steps: clean up, test, improve Parsoid integration & deploy
    • Hardik busy with exams
  • OCG / PDF render service scheduled for deployment next Monday
    • replaces Tampa infrastructure
  • We are hiring! New JDs for Software Engineer and Senior Software Engineer


  • #139 Patch for special page aliases conflict resolution needing review from language. They just found out today. :)
  • SUL finalization work continues. Making good progress but will slip a little from the planned code complete date.
  • HHVM doing HHVM things. Ori, Tim and others fixing bugs. Giuseppe doing good things with packaging.
  • IEG grant review application in development and hoping to go live on the cluster in a few weeks. Estimated to deploy to production on 2014-10-09.
  • Brad working on lots of API fixes.
  • Quarterly review coming up next week.


  • CSSJanus (nodejs and php implementation) made into standalone library. Published to npm and Composer Packagist.


  • Hiera now available in operations/puppet production and labs
  • webstats dataset now being generate via Hive on Hadoop, soon to be made public
  • Dallas build out coming along, LVSes mostly in place, DB Shards replicating, etc.
  • #127 SSD upgrades ordered for exisitng machines. Waiting for quotes on new hardware.
  • Yuvi working on Shinken (Icinga replacement)


  • Work continues on Content Translation
  • User experience enhancements: Cursor positioning, styling, alignment
  • Caching and performance improvements
  • Basic logging and metrics
  • Deployment infrastructure
  • Plan to deploy to beta at end of month es <-> ca


  • Will continue work on Content Translation
  • Future release planning tomorrow
  • Backlog grooming and scheduling
  • Investigating publishing analytics solutions
  • Investigating visualization solutions
  • Investigating adding more languages and MT providers
  • MLEB testing in preparation for RC.
  • Niklas reviewing patch for Special pages issue
  • ULS and CLDR extensions updated
  • Some WIP CLDR work by Santhosh on core (updated plural rules)

Fundraising TechEdit

Continuous integrationEdit

Nothing to report; - Antoine is back. - Continue to increase usage of Trusty in testing. - Let me know if we can be of help!


  • More progress with rendering parity
  • Scott and Arlo focused on PDF service work
  • Last Wednesday, we found a page that hogged all memory during parsing and caused a load spike on the parsoid cluster -- problem since found and fixed in master. Will be deployed on Monday (which is why i missed SoS last week because I was sucked into that debugging)
  • Parsoid quarterly review next Friday (Oct 3rd)
  • Have to work with Flow to wean them off the private data-parsoid attribute use -- this blocks Parsoid/Services from removing data-parsoid from HTML sent to clients (on the cards over the next month).
  • Roan/Timo: can one of you review marc's cite css work?


  • Roan still banging his head against the wall with Citoid puppetization: was told to use Mathoid as an example but it's broken. Could use help from services or ops
    • is this in beta labs? or somewhere else?
  • Timo still in town until next Friday (Oct 3rd)
  • Editing quarterly review next Wednesday (Oct 1st)
  • Roan working from Europe Oct 2 - 12

Flow/Core featuresEdit

  • changing and regressing topic and post moderation, some caught by browser tests
    • it is always super to hear that browser tests exposed a bug. If it's anything notable, feel free to say something on the QA mail list for public edification :-)
  • mlitn (Matthias Mullie) working on Search on a board, will soon need to talk to Chad & Nik
  • labs-vagrant and mw-vagrant issues. Q for other teams: does anyone else use labs-vagrant
  • mediawiki.ui ("Agora") dialog in Flow, will propose for core as jquery.dialog() replacement


  • new QA Tester starts Oct 14
  • if you've ever reported a bug, consider coming to this Meetup:
  • Chris making changes to Echo and Flow browser tests repo
  • Preliminary talks with Ops about optimal architecture for Jenkins performance, much more to be done
  • Dan working on performance measurements for MMV
  • Finding bugs with tests!

Mobile WebEdit

  • Team is growing to 6 devs (Sam and Rob Moen joining, Bahodir hired)
  • Working some on mediawiki.ui improvements (Jon)
  • Quarterly review begins tomorrow



No blockers

  • Released task recommendations experiment, and started analyzing results
  • Login cookie patch
  • Patch to have GettingStarted browser tests do a registration; working with QA on this