Scrum of scrums/2014-09-17

Task WallEdit



Notable itemsEdit

  • Multimedia grappling with mediawiki-ui and oojs-ui issues - they need help!
  • Tampa datacenter shutting down in Oct (see emails from Ops)
  • Language team's content translation deployment currently blocked by Ops, mtg to unblock scheduled
  • Editing team encountered issues with VE page corruption, likely many pages affected on big non-English wikis
  • Fr-tech is updating CentralNotice
  • Services needs ops support around deploying RESTBase


  • Fabrice is vacationing for a wedding until Tuesday, Eloquence is our PM in the meantime
  • Metrics improvements pretty much set, ty milimetric
  • Prerendering of thumbnails is coming to a theatre near you Real Soon Now - only for new images, though, because there's some issue about tall vs. wide images.
  • Ori is going to be a dear and review ImageMetrics, so I marked it "scheduled" (card 136)
  • Why do we only keep Swift logs for only a week? We'd like to debug the outage...
  • More media viewer UI fixes coming your way, should minimize the drama...sorta
  • mediawiki-ui issues...using the button classes on my "more details" button screwed it up, would love some help debugging.
  • aaaand oojs-ui issues. Maybe not seeing 'choose' events when an InlineMenuWidget changes.



  • #127 Elasticsearch hardware testing done. Now moving forward with procurement, waiting on quote for new SSDs in current machines.
  • Heira support will soon be merged into production operations/puppet
  • Just another reminder, Tampa datacenter will be shut down in October.


  • wrapping up hiring for QA Tester position
  • MobileFrontend test refactoring
  • Echo and Flow test refactoring
  • setting up Meetup for Oct 22 apropos of Quarterly Review feedback
  • wrangling old docs on mw.o
  • wrangling new builds in Jenkins with jjb
  • Rummana and Chris available for MMV if you need eyeballs and browsers
  • Program note: Chris will not be available for much of October.
  • Card 119 still in progress, worked on by D Duvall, currently low priority

Flow/Core featuresEdit

(Can't attend)

  • Fixing and polishing Echo alerts/notifications, had several unscheduled deploys
  • We have an implementation of simple mw.ui dialog, and a spec for a full-featured one. Shahyar Ghobadpour will send mail to design list.
  • beta labs more stable


  • Finished Sprint 74 (Content Translation)
    • Link adaptation, source attribution, logging
    • Additional languages in labs, performance, MT abuse detection
    • Unit tests for cxserver
    • Research for minimal text styling support
    • MediaWiki localization fixes and Translate bugs
  • Started Sprint 75 (Content Translation)
    • UI Enhancements: cursor positioning, minimal text styling
    • Performance: client-side request caching, section heading preloading
    • Logging: publishing failure errors
    • Analytics (published articles): reporting, visualization (stretch)
    • Testing: enable automated unit tests, GWT tests
    • Deployment: BLOCKED enable es<->ca translation (both directions) on beta
  • Blockers
    • Content Translation deployment currently blocked by Ops
    • Alolita and Kartik meeting with Ops tomorrow
  • Requests
    • Ops Team: Please read deployment plan before meeting tomorrow
    • Analytics Team: may request help with EL schema review
    • Analytics Team: advice on visualization tools

Mobile appsEdit

  • iOS bug with 'debug=true' in ResourceLoader call should be resolved with this Tuesday's update
  • One more iOS fix in queue to resolve iPhone 6 resolution issues


  • Fun issues yesterday with VE page corruption in IE and Firefox
    • Worked around browser bugs in VE; Parsoid bugs still outstanding
    • Probably many pages affected on big non-English wikis, still figuring out cleanup strategy
  • Ed in SF until tomorrow, Timo in SF until Oct 4
  • Roan working on Citoid puppetization because Services doesn't have time

Fundraising TechEdit

  • Generalize payment reconciliation
  • CiviCRM continuous integration
  • Exchange rate update
  • FR stats dash now has some db filters hooked up
  • CentralNotice updates ready to deploy: unarchive campaigns, list which campaigns a banner is used in
  • Upgrading payments wiki from 1.22


  • sca cluster ('services cluster a') ready (thanks Alex!) -- next steps:
    • deploy mathoid (Gabriel)
    • puppetize & deploy citoid (Roan)
  • RESTBase
    • Hardik continues work on secondary indexes
    • Front-end being refactored (Gabriel)
    • shooting for ready-for-deploy by end of this month
  • OCG / PDF rendering: Sprint to fix issues led by Scott with help by Arlo & Gabriel
    • most major crashers fixed, some remaining but look tractable
    • should be ready for October 1st Tampa shutdown
  • preparing for RESTBase deploy, likely using current test boxes (xenon, praseodymium, cerium) as they have ssds
    • chase might help
    • will need to reimage, install with puppet
    • RT ticket forthcoming

(Timo first time attending)


  • New pool of Trusty-based Jenkins slaves for running tests in node 0.10. They're opt-in for Jenkins jobs at the moment. Editing team projects and Parsoid have expressed interest. Others to follow.

With (some of) production running nodejs 0.8 still, projects running server-side should (also) stay integrated under node 0.8.


  • ResourceLoader now wraps legacy scripts (that bypass ResourceLoader) in conditionals. Our decreasing Grade A browser and more exposed Grade C behaviour (e.g. no javascript payload) helped find this problem.
  • CSSJanus is being made into a standalone project.
It was already untangled from MediaWiki code-wise but still maintained in mediawiki-core with no versioninig or releases. We're moving node-cssjanus, php-cssjanus and python-cssjanus into new repositories and sync their implementations to reach bugfix/feature/API parity.