Scrum of scrums/2014-09-10

Task WallEdit




  • Work continues on Content Translation for end of September release

Link adaptation, server logging, publishing attribution, MT abuse, UI enhancements, reference handling, unit tests, performance, language enablement

  • Quarterly review last week (slides and notes not posted yet):

  • Alolita and Kartik working with Ops on CX deplyment issues related to service integrations
  • Niklas tried out Nik's code for translation memory result scoring

  • Niklas reviewed and wrote tests for a few Translate bugs

  • Pau, Runa and Amir held rountable with Content Translation users

  • Amir fixed several RTL bugs:

  • Beta hiccups continue to cause delays in development/testing.

Fundraising TechEdit

  • Getting new FR/Analytics hire Ellery Wulczyn into the system
  • Continuing work on CRM (email tracking, build/test automation, modularizing our components)
  • Continuing work on FR stats dashboard
  • Generic auditing / reconciliation from payment providers.


  • Thumbnail pre-rendering is pretty much ready to go
  • Gergo has filed the request for extension review for ImageMetrics
  • Bunch more Media Viewer crap raining down on us, plus UploadWizard refactoring, so Mark will be stuck in that hole for the next few weeks
  • Betalabs SSL issues persist - would be helpful to see those fixed.


  • #127 Elasticsearch hardware tests coming along (slowly)
  • Tampa datacenter will be shut down early October.


  • Hacking Jenkins
  • Hacking beta labs
  • Apologies for any outages or other weirdness
    • Browser tests are fairly stable right now, so the timing is actually pretty good
  • Gearing up for significant changes in the upcoming quarter
    • Performance enhancements to Jenkins
    • Creating additional shared test environments besides beta labs
    • Reviving QA community outreach/talks/training


  • Just working on Wikimetrics and Dashiki, no dependencies
  • One Limn instance had problems getting datafiles, if it happens to you just let Dan (milimetric) know (it's some weird DNS caching problem)


  • Nothing major to report
  • Scott still in PDF rendering land to try to get it moved over so that the tampa center can be shut down
  • Continuing work on PHP parser and Parsoid rendering compatibility -- will get VE folks to do some review of cite css experiments


  • hubbub over Echo changes, Flow feedback.
  • dev affected by beta labs instability: getaddrinfo failures (bug 68125), last night everything 404'd (bug 70648)
  • heads up: wgContentHandlerUseDB=true rolling out, some miscreant can use the MediaWiki web API to change the contentformat of a page to flow-board, jsonschema, etc.


  • Patches (soon) on cluster
  • Ops - wikidata conversation about libraries
  • reviews for ImageMetrcis, Graph, and RecentActivityFeed


  • Nothing big going on
  • Working on eliminating dependency on Rangy
  • Starting to integrate's table editing code
  • Trevor working on MW skin for OOjs UI based on design team designs
  • Ed in SF until Sep 18
  • Timo in SF for 3 weeks starting Monday (Sep 15)


  • hhvm - lua bug, lots more production servers soon


  • Mathoid deployment moving along thanks to Alex: [1]
  • The storage service & API front-end will be merged in RESTBase


  • Waiting for <graph> ext review