Scrum of scrums/2014-09-03


  • #127 Elasticsearch Hardware
    • Newer SSDs are in elastic1016 and running in production
    • Need to generate extra IO on these and see how they perform.
    • elastic1019 is still down for the count...:/


  • Working on dashboarding, nothing to report


  • CSS changes to Vector and Monobook merged to core -- this reduces rendering diffs between Parsoid and PHP parser output
  • Scott is back in PDF land for a bit again
  • Ongoing bug and compatibility fixes -- no blockers, nothing much else to report

Fundraising TechEdit

  • Continuing to work on email tracking, stats dashboard, Central Notice
  • Consultant has come up with a great roadmap for turning our payment processor integration into a drop-in module for any PHP project


  • Wiki Loves Monuments!!!!11!!1!1one!!!eleven
  • A few UW-related bugs coming in but mostly quiet I think
  • ImageMetrics extension NEEDS REVIEW BADLY (well, not that badly. I'll file the bug today)
  • Structured metadata chat today at 11:00 -0700, immediately after this - join usssss


  • No blockers
  • Quarterly review is today after SoS
  • Some UW work
  • Some GettingStarted
  • Some MF


  • Echo changes to support Flow messages rolling out to wikis on Thursday
 ** the Echo flyout now scrolls up to 25 alerts, and shows "Alerts(14)" in header
  • cross-team wiki icon work


  • HHVM continues - fixed labs segfault, working on lua issues
  • SUL Finalization - hopefully not causing any issues for anyone


  • Reviews for wikidata, multimedia in the queue
  • Patch to cluster this week


  • Icons (no longer blocked)
  • Continued ironing out final features and bug fixes for our first A/B test of recommendations
  • Starting to research A/B testing framework



(Sorry stuck in QR)

  • Team has been working on ContentTranslation (links, templates, MT abuse)
  • Ongoing support for other Wikimedia i18n needs
  • Need help from Ops regarding provisioning of ContentTranslation hardware in production (Alolita to follow up)
  • Nothing else blocking

Mobile webEdit

  • working on last bugs in mobile VE and WikiData game
  • no dependencies