Scrum of scrums/2014-08-20

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit

  • Elasticsearch hardware acquisition RT ticket needs some poking to get moving
  • Security waiting on QA for setting proxy in selenium tests
  • Token handling changes in core coming soon (see anomie's email)

Language EngineeringEdit

  • Team is working on second release of ContentTranslation.
  • #80: Niklas still on vacation :)
  • No dependencies.


  • Focus continues to be eliminating diffs between Parsoid and PHP parser rendering.
  • Tidy support has been added to parser tests -- merged into core during wikimania, Scott will work on adding that to Parsoid this week
  • Ramp up work again this week after wikimania, vacation, etc.
    • Team-member status: Subbu was away on vacation last week, Marc sick this week, Scott getting back to Parsoid hacking this week


  • UploadWizard refactoring is chugging along, but nothing affecting other teams yet
  • Could use some input from milimetric on one of our cards...


  • Zeljko on vacation
  • Greg on vacation
  • Emily (hiring recruiter) on vacation
  • Quarterly review next week
  • Added browser tests for Cite UI in VE
  • Added Jenkins job for new Echo browser tests
  • Planning big projects for next quarter: improve Jenkins performance and more better test environments
    • Specifically, the load on the Jenkins hosts is high enough that Selenium client processes get stuck for 90+ seconds at a time. After 90 seconds with no instructions from Selenium, Sauce destroys the VM, causing a false test failure.



  • nothing to report
  • For card #131 (using new API), we think our work on the card is done and Yuri is handling the rest of the work. So I'll close the card.


  • HHVM progressing - see ori's email
  • Token handling change comming - see Brad's email


  • reviews for Fundraising and Zero done.
  • Will be getting to Wikibase query engine soonish
  • Waiting on qa for setting proxy in selenium tests


  • Finishing up our first round of recommendations.
  • Completing our first browser tests.

Mobile WebEdit

  • no external dependencies
  • team members struggling with Vagrant running really slow
  • mobile VE in production for a week now (on Wikipedias), nothing bad happened, not many users since its not default


  • No cards, yay!
  • Timo on vacation until tomorrow