Scrum of scrums/2014-08-13

Task WallEdit




  • Sean is working on getting queryable replication lag information for labsdb: This should be pretty interesting for anyone who needs to make sure they query complete data (like wikimetrics's scheduled daily reports).

Fundraising techEdit

  • Andrew Green finishing up logging improvements for Central Notice
  • Likely soon scheduling deployment for that and the server-side portion of the hide cookie update
  • Adam's overhaul of recurring contributions continues, with lots of automated tests
  • Tracking external mailings to our CRM - can do TY emails, working on bulk mails from Silverpop


  • Wikimania mania
  • Card #128 is done/fixed
  • nothing else new, that I know of ;)


  • #127: All elasticsearch nodes have same RAM now. Different SSDs installed in a a single elasticsearch server, benchmark tests to proceed.
  • Ops to give logstash more support
  • Discussion about Card #114 Wiki email issues, there was someone who said they'd follow up ( don't remember who), but there is likely not much more that ops can do.
  • Kafka upgraded to
  • Hadoop sending some logs to logstash now (woo), still needs some work and verification.


  • later today
    • Who is now the point person for CentralNotice Caching Overhaul - Frontend Proxy? (might be AWight or AndyRussG)
    • Followup from 23 July: have we done security update planning re Composer managed libraries for use on WMF cluster?
    • Followup from 21 May: has cscott run the requested stats on Square bounding boxes?
    • Followup from 16 July: does Brion know the next steps re CSSJanus on vertical writing support?
    • Followup from 11 June: how has the bandwidth savings been on Reducing image quality for mobile? Will we change regular/original images as well as thumbnails?


  • #100 has been done for a while
  • #133 is fixed; was caused by a user script on officewiki, not a Parsoid issue
  • Trevor out this week, James remote this week, Rummana remote this week and next, Timo and Alex out for a week starting tomorrow


  • Continued working on recommendations, merged some stuff on that, including a new post-edit recommendation and a recommendation personal tool in the upper right. It will be turned off by default for now, but we'll be doing an experiment soon, and we're working on stuff to support that.
  • Also some work and code review on mediawiki.ui stuff.
  • Re icons, see


I'll reassign this bug to mw/core to find out if it's an unexpected consequence of


  • Reviewing Ex:FundraisingChart, hopefully wikibase query
  • BouceHandler review should be done


  • Actively working on <graph> extension
  • Need place to store 4GB of SMS logs from our SMS gateway partner and run some limn graph generating scripts
  • Evaluating if we can take over analytic's zero log parsing/graph gen


  • Contributed some changes to core mw-ui, mostly merged
  • Working on Echo notification flyout changes