Scrum of scrums/2014-07-30

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit

  • A request was made for Design to start attending SoS (Arthur will poke the designers)
  • Analytics waiting for automatic notification from ops of link flapping
  • Ops' participation requested for caching overhaul RfC discussion happening today (30 July 2014)
  • Question raised about status of 'redo skin framework' next steps



  • Would love to get a notification from ops if they detect link flapping. An example of this: Basically, when links flap, data problems might occur, and we need to assess the damage
  • Actively working on moving our Wikipedia Zero stuff to use the new API (card 131 marked in-progress)
  • Basic mockup of the soon-to-be Editor Engagement Vital Signs dashboard, for Wikimania: (saw the spike in registrations from the android app)



  • nothing I see new
  • I (Greg) should probably stop being this point person :)


  • No open cards against us, yay! :)
  • Trevor to start working on Agora-ification of oojs-ui followed by skin rewrite; postponed till after Wikimania because Trevor was sick last week and because he's blocked on Design
  • Trevor's oojs-ui patch to make iframes optional for dialogs will probably land soon, hopefully today; should be good for Mobile Web
  • Big language support changes (for IMEs in particular) in the works for VisualEditor, hoping to land them before Wikimania so we can have people test
  • @ops: wikitechwiki was a total mess, I (Roan) fixed it up a bit yesterday after Andrew B left for the day. For details see SAL or ask me


  • No dependencies.
  • #80 will be addressed by Niklas after Wikimania/Vacation.
  • CX work continue by team.

Mobile webEdit

  • no dependencies

Mobile appsEdit

  • iOS app release tomorrow 10am PDT
  • bug fix release probably to follow in a couple days
  • no dependencies expected



  • Media viewer/upload wizard stuff progressing, 2-3 weeks out for thumbnail changes, sorry we missed the meeting.


  • Working on browser tests for the GettingStarted extensions
  • Patch to have a separate cookie expiration time for "remember me" cookies
  • Task recommendations.
  • mw-ui icon patch is in progress at . I don't think it's blocked. There is ongoing discussion, including a meeting scheduled for Aug 26 to discuss the general approaches of WikiFont and SVG/PNG icons.

Fundraising TechEdit

  • New coder Andrew Green getting up to speed on CentralNotice
  • Finished Bitcoin import and special translation workflow
  • Refactoring recurring donations
  • FR Dashboard: auth & switch frontend to Knockout
  • Working towards SEPA (EU debit law) compliance
  • Trying to get non-Civi emails and bounces tracked in CiviCRM