Scrum of scrums/2014-07-23

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit

  • Multimedia needs review from Bryan or Ori for Commons Vagrant patch [1]
  • Zero needs Analytics to start using new API [2]
  • ECT is requesting OPS review of some RFC, and most notably requesting ops representation at today's RFC mtg (23 July, 2014) [3]
  • Analytics needs Platform support on CORS whitelisting for EE dashboard [4]
  • Editing and Parsoid to sync up on weird VE errors occurring on officewiki [5]
  • Growth needs review on a mediawiki.ui patch


  • Refactoring is happening on UploadWizard. So much refactoring. And testing!
  • Final steps for media viewer are being evaluated; nothing concrete yet, but config changes may still happen. Also working with analytics on a new research methodology.
  • 125 pre-rendering thumbnails - I think we got our ops response, so mark it as done. The beta cluster is broken in many varied ways now, though, so we're blocked from testing it...womp womp. I hear people are working on that.
  • Waiting on Ori or Bryan to review the Commons Vagrant patch. Would be cool to get this done before Wikimania :)


  • Code for mass visual diff testing is ready, tested locally -- but we'll hold out deploying it till some obvious rendering diffs are fixed first -- to avoid wasting time sifting through noise.
  • We are going to start working on css-based customization of citation rendering -- discussion and strategizing over the last week.
  • Reduced team resources last week with Scott in PDF land (in a sprint to get things done there with Matt leaving), Arlo travelling and not yet full time.
  • Whole team in Mallorca starting July 29th for a week before we go to Wikimania.


  • #125 - should be unblocked, yes?
  • yes, see above
  • #85 - is this moving?
  • #120 - status update? Beta has HHVM now, yes?
  • Had meeting about elasticsearch support

Partners + W0Edit

Adam B

Engineering Community TeamEdit

Sumana Harihareswara RfCs that are awaiting Ops input:


  • Closed #123
  • ContentTranslation for es-ca pair on 'betalabs' was announced last week. We are actively testing it with real community/users.


  • Started review of "campaign cohorts" for growth, will be much more responsive to new patchsets there
  • Finished prototype for Editor Engagement Vital Signs dashboard, need to talk to someone from platform about the CORS whitelist and whether or not they would allow our domain on there

Mobile appsEdit

  • iOS app scheduled for release July 31, various communications re: both iOS and Android is planned around it
  • could lead to another spike in mobile views & editing



  • Topic namespace rolling out, seems OK, needed some backports
  • browser tests hurt by beta labs instability
  • latest "Agora" mw-ui- CSS enhancements may migrate to core


  • working hard on squashing HHVM bugs
  • rolling out HHVM job servers out 'real soon', hopefully by the end of the month
  • SUL finalization features in the works


Mobile webEdit

  • #100 done, some styling tweaks to VE dialogs needed (to be handled by the mobile team)
  • Tablet VE launch delayed; targeting deployment train immediately after Wikimania