Scrum of scrums/2014-07-16

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit

  • Multimedia still awaiting feedback from Ops on pre-rendiner thumbnails (#125)
  • Parsoid/Services continue to be blocked by Ops on debian repo (#85 - reported 4 mos ago)
  • Security patches on the cluster - do not overwrite them!
  • Mobile web working with QA to improve reliability of automated browser tests (#128)
  • Mobile web releasing mobile VisualEditor to stable on enwiki July 31


  • 125 pre-rendering thumbnails - hey ops, how's your hardware capacity?
  • 126 track media viewer opt-outs - thanks analytics for answering our question, we're set now
  • UploadWizard refactoring is going down, and we're starting to use OOJS for class-y stuff. VE, watch out.
  • More backend changes to thumbnail rendering are in the pipeline - watch for tests coming down at you at high speeds. (platform, ops) (namely, once Fae has images to upload, we're testing GLAMWikiToolset again)



  • More work on visual diffs -- preparing for mass rendering tests
  • Bunyan logging support added -- it needs hooking up with gelf/logstash
  • More work on Tidy support in parser tests -- scott got pulled away into pdf rendering land
  • No blockers on anyone at this time


  • Preparing for PDF render, Citoid & mathoid deploys
    • perf measurements for PDF renderer
    • need to figure out misc services cluster really soon (see ops list)
    • also need to figure out a better service deployment solution longer term; hope for ideas from ops
  • Rashomon now a backend for RestFace (REST API front-end)
    • shooting for alpha deploy by end of this month: need to coordinate with ops on hw
  • still hoping for Debian repo progress (ops)
  • continuing to work with Parsoid on CSS, storage
  • still blocked on #85 (debian repo for parsoid)
  • hiring!



  • Killed Cloudbees Jenkins
  • Killed /qa/browsertests repo
  • Went on vacation
  • Doing maintenance, fixing glitches, adding at least one API call, working on vagrant dev envs, finishing GSoC project, etc.
  • No blockers
  • Mobile web/QA - bugs, code review



  • Nothing really new  :)

SUL, search -> elastic search but delayed due to hardware reasons (technically blocked by ops on hardware acquisition - #127), HHVM


  • Nothing really new  :)

phabricator transition


  • Patches on cluster
  • SUL Finalization ongoing
    • Tests for CentralAuth


  • adds a Topic namespace in 1.24wmf14
  • using Parsoid CSS module that's in core (card #84), fixes some image presentation issues!

Mobile webEdit

  • pushing mobile VE to stable on July 31
  • #100 almost done, final tweaks needed (Trevor and Juliusz meet today)
  • automated browser test notifications currently disabled for mobile web team due to consistent failures due to network issues, betalabs/saucelabs issues #128


  • Working on new task suggestions based on text similarity (using ElasticSearch)
  • GuidedTour and GettingStarted fixes
  • Adding icon support to mediawiki.ui

W0 and PartnershipsEdit

  • #2 GIFification. It's going in. It's functional. We're not yet enabling it for an operator
  • #121 Nested configs. It's in. It seems to be working fine for a test operator config. We'll enable it for a real config soon.
  • #122 Thumbnail downsampling. It's in. It seems to be working fine for a test operator config. We'll enable it for a real config soon.
  • #124 MediaViewer. We put in a hack, so it's good to go from the W0 perspective.

Mobile appsEdit

  • iOS app submitted, expect release late this month. May spike mobile API usage.
  • Still interested in getting maps in the future, status updates on OSM welcome.