Scrum of scrums/2014-07-09

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit

  • Language needs review of a patch by operations [1]
  • Multimedia needs feedback form ops on capacity for thumbnail generation [2]
  • Multimedia needs feedback from analytics on opt-outs [3]
  • Parsoid and Services still awaiting debian repo from ops [4]

Language EngEdit

  • CX deployment on Beta Cluseter as per plan.
    • Other work on CX continue as per plan + bug fixes.
  • #123: Amir needs review from Ops regarding usage of cookies:
  • #80: Blocked from Language Team side.

Partners + W0Edit

Adam B

  • #2 GIF-ification: patch in place, will be deploying supporting code today, but will turn it on with a test config and early adopter to start with, not everything
  • #121 Nested W0 config: being deployed today, but doesn't take effect until changing configs of operators, so not everything will change at once
  • #122 Thumbnail downsampling: no update, will be enabled for new operators plus for a test operator; an operator should under normal velocity get the config within this month



  • Ongoing: Bunch of bug fixes.
  • Continued work on visual diffs -- it is now in fairly decent shape and has already helped us fix a few CSS issues + other non-css issues
    • Started looking Parsoid's native cite implementation to identify differences with PHP rendering and find that all differences are related to site/wiki-message based customization.
    • This week: Initial plan is to add that support into Parsoid but also start looking at ways of moving some this out of messages and into css/client-side-js customization
    • Maybe this week: The other major source of rendering diffs relate to extension-specific css resources that Parsoid needs to tackle to eliminate the other major source of rendering diffs.
    • Maybe this/next week: Direct Parsoid production log events to logstash
  • This week: Support tidy in parser tests


  • Switt cluster being upgraded, timeline here:
    • These upgrades might affect users, but testing by Aaron and Filippo indicates that it will be transparent.
      • 2014-07-14T08:00Z (Mon): upgrade ms-fe1001
      • 2014-07-16T08:00Z (Wed): upgrade ms-fe1002/1003/1004
  • 14 new Hadoop datanodes racked.
    • Hoping to get cluster back online with CDH5 by end of this week, possibly beginning of next.
  • ULSFO floor move is happening today
  • HHVM
    • Facebook engineers will be in office this week helping us in the transition
  • Monitoring in (tool/beta) labs
    • getting some attention. Yuvi and ops folks working on this



(entire team in Quarterly review with Lila -- sorry)

  • frontend-rewrite with templating went out - yay!
  • Flow boards now use ContentHandler, so some blocked interactions now take place, e.g. Cirrus finds the pages, protect sort of works
  • no new issues


  • per schema counts of valid event logging events are now back in graphite
  • brief UDP packet loss on oxygen and analytics1003, Tuesday night around when the Brazil-Germany game took place
  • wikimetrics will start consuming more data in labs

Mobile webEdit

  • We're moving our small mobile media viewer to stable, we remember about not breaking Zero

Mobile appsEdit

  • Android release done, iOS upcoming
  • No particular dependencies right now
  • Let us know if any issues with API or EL traffic!




  • Starting security review for wikidata
  • No other dependencies?
    • CSteipp to keep iterating on SOA Auth RFC


  • Nothing much new
  • Chris is out this week


  • nothing new
  • hhvm all the time all the places


  • We're finishing our latest iteration for anonymous editor acquisition
  • Working on a QUnit continuous integration bug.
  • GuidedTour
    • Have helped the language engineering team work on a ContentTranslation tour
    • Some other GuidedTour fixes
  • Now we're starting personalized recommendations.