Scrum of scrums/2014-06-25

Task WallEdit



W0 + PartnersEdit

  • #2 ESI / GIFification - blocked on W0 team itself, as nested W0 configuration support is being built
  • #57 Firefox OS Exploration - card can probably be closed; Ajax page loading is going away in MobileFrontend as we understand; the Partnerships/Partners team will be looking at Firefox OS work for the upcoming FY - possibly a search widget, possibly finding a way to sandbox wildcarded domain patterns to just use the mobile website
  • #121 Nested W0 Configuratons - new card created for in-progress work on supporting nexted configurations
  • #122 Thumbnail Downsampling - new card created for in-progress work on downsampling thumbnails to reduce bandwidth usage


(Actually I am OK with merging the one for AFTv5 as that is only for historical/documentation purposes, but a +1 or +2 there would still be nice)


  • Puppet 3 migration done!
  • rcstream coming along. python-diamond packaged for trusty. Needs SSL - in progress
  • Ariel doing data retention work, auditing home directories, etc.
  • Downtime for dataset1001 (, etc.) 2014-06-26 UTC 1330-1430 (this Thursday)
  • Alex working with Content Translation Service (based on Parsoid).
  • Chase working on Phabricator stuff
  • 4 Kafka brokers online - alive and kickin it witih a replication factor of 3 for all varnish logs.
  • Faidon working a bit on mail issues (Card #114).


  • EventLogging tables containing sensitive data in the country column have been cleaned, all good to go.
  • removed old crufty tables (mostly ending with _zz) from EventLogging, warned the lists but mentioning here just in case
  • We saw Wikipedia Zero requests drop a lot, alerted WPZ team
  • dr0ptp4kt wonders, is this for one operator or across the board?
  • As far as I know, its accross the board, but may have been resolved / cause identified, checking with qchris is wise :)
  • several wikimetrics and wikistats fixes
  • started collaboration with Yuvi on dashboard design


  • No dependencies on us! :)


  • No dependencies on us! :)


  • worked to address negative feedback from MediaViewer enwiki rollout
  • one more sprint of that, after that more time to technical debt in other areas

Mobile WebEdit

  • no cross-team dependencies or important updates


Want to merge the frontend-rewrite using new templating and Mantle extension to master after Thursday's deploy so it rolls out to July 3rd.

  • security review bugs 66238 and
  • more and better browsertests, some will pass


  • mantle/flow reviews done
  • security release today
  • SUL finalization (prep work) starting next week