Scrum of scrums/2014-06-18

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit

  • EventLogging data that had been lost can be recovered, but it is a difficult process. Contact analytics if you need this to happen.
  • Platform requests followup and a bug filed from Wikipedia Zero for 108


  • #80 (TTMServer+ElasticSearch) still stuck on Niklas and prioritization
  • We are working with Ops and Antoine to deploy content translation service, cxserver, to beta labs


  • Porting browser test builds to WMF Jenkins
  • Not blocked on anything


New DC

  • Racks & first switches/routers/servers installed, waiting for connectivity
  • Tax exempt status acquired, procurement is unblocked
  • Mail being moved this week
  • LVS esams expansion is done, no issues
  • Content Translation
  • Initial discussion with the Language team with Mark/Faidon
  • Alex got assigned on a more permanent basis
  • apt repo for third-parties (Filippo)
  • Phabricator - Chase making good progress
  • Floor move in ULSFO proceeding, no eta yet
  • Experiments in using VMs for misc production servers proceeding
  • 14 new Hadoop DataNodes in procurement queue for approval
  • Kafka
  • Kafka tuning experiments wrapping up. 1 Kafka broker can now handle all varnish log traffic!
  • May upgrade to


  • EventLogging data lost can be recovered, looking for whether or not people need that to happen
  • Continuing work on Wikimetrics
  • Mobile Web jobs had stopped running due to permissions problems, that's fixed now

Mobile WebEdit

  • #116 finished
  • #115 done


  • Lots of security bugs, a few on the cluster
  • Mantle / Flow templates review in progress


  • Cards:
   #116 is done
   #100 is in progress, Trevor is working on a big rewrite that should be ready for review later today
   #97 is in progress, Timo is discovering IE is even more horrible than we thought
   #84 is being worked on by Parsoid
   #99 is done


  • nothing new, wall is up to date, as best I can tell
  • EXCEPT, card 108 (dependency from Zero on us, need something more/bug report specifically)


Items of interest:

These could use cross-team review but are not blocked yet.