Scrum of scrums/2014-06-04

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit

  • QA still has two hard to repro bugs affecting browser tests, and needs some help figuring them out (maybe from platform and VE respectively?) [1], [2]
  • Growth, Multimedia, and Mobile Web have ongoing blocked dependencies on the Editor team (see wall)

Partners + Wikipedia ZeroEdit

Adam B

  • Request for New Card: Major refactors (see especially,n,z): ZeroRatedMobileAccess being split into ZeroBanner and ZeroPortal with reliance on JsonConf
  • New Card created: Avoid unprompted MediaViewer on zerodot version of Wikipedia Zero (mdot, it's all good) - Tablet redirect is slated for June 17, which plays some part in timing
  • #57 Firefox OS exploration: no movement. Incidentally, rotation bug reported. Thought: should we focus on making Wikipedia a first class search target in FFOS with the native browser?
  • #2 ESI Headers or GIFification: RFC noted in email from Sumana now, too
  • #108 memcached / httpGet config pull issue

Languge EngineeringEdit


  • Zeljko is back from paternity leave
  • Working with Dan Duvall (new Automation Engineer)
  • Almost done hiring QA Tester
  • I want to discuss the next steps for browser smoke/acceptance tests for core
  • Please forward any reports of users being unexpectedly logged out, particularly from VisualEditor



  • Written in absentia, Roan couldn't attend today
  • Roan back to full-time starting today :)
  • Timo wrote patch for the hard part of #97; Roan to review
  • #99 stalled AFAIK; Roan might have time to review
  • Roan accidentally did some work on #84 (to fix bugs); will work on it more this week
  • Trevor still working on #100; has changed tack a little bit per request from mobile on Monday


  • Goals for next FY; now is the time to think of larger requests
  • Will be communicated/coordinated on ops@ and with other directors
  • SPDY is already on the list
  • New DC
  • first site install next week; Chris out of Ashburn
  • ulsfo move
  • Moving to a different DC floor, temporarily depooled during that time
  • rcstream, making good progress
  • HHVM, good progress on packaging front (Faidon) and MediaWiki puppet manifests (Ori, Guiseppe)
  • Hadoop moving to CDH5


Platform/MW CoreEdit


  • Patch on cluster
  • reviewing wikidata Suggester

Mobile webEdit

  • (new card) #116 Make mobile context as a second toolbar possible: When we started VE on mobile we decided to hide the context (a small popup that shows up when you click on a link/reference/other elements). When working on editing existing references we decided it will be easier if we instead reimplement it as a second line toolbar on mobile. Trevor is doing the groundwork.
  • Tablet redirect on June 17, no VE in stable version of mobile yet though


  • Focusing mostly on GuidedTour improvements, both behavior and UX improvements. Includes a new light-weight module to improve performance. Still waiting for review on getAllStyleFiles patch (#99 on wall)



  • Only one card in the wall for us, and honestly we have only ourselves to blame for not pestering Krinkle every fifteen minutes to finish it
  • Deployment to enwiki and dewiki went off without anything *objectively* bursting into flames, but be aware that thar be trolls
  • Work on Aaron's SHA1 storage patch is ongoing, once we have a big ol' pile of phpunit things covering it, it should be moving forward
  • There was also some analytics cross-team stuff re: our massive use of the eventlogging hosts. We've fixed* it.