Scrum of scrums/2014-05-21

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit


  • 107: DONE
  • 82: In-progress (one review of two done)
  • 106: DONE
  • 110: DONE
  • 108/109: Probably need bugs and/or gerrit changes for anything to happen from Platform's side


Analytics (not in attendance today - conflict)Edit

  • EventLogging saw a large increase in events, multimedia team is working on sampling to reduce that
  • Gerrit -> Bugzilla link was having problems, Christian fixed it


  • New DC - CODFW - ongoing
  • LVS @ esams - upload done, ongoing
  • rcstream - starting next week, Guiseppe running point
  • Trusty image in Labs, available as of today

Mobile webEdit

  • Patches that need review from VE team:
  • #87 done
  • #100 in progress (Trevor on vacation)


Services / REST APIEdit

  • Starting work on REST API front-end prototype:
  • Parsoid waiting on Rashomon work (important for VE save performance)
  • mentoring URL to citation service OPW project
  • Matt working on new PDF rendering infrastructure with Scott



  • Delaying enwiki launch until June 3rd, itwiki and ruwiki are happening tomorrow
  • Continuing vague dependencies on oojs
  • Core team - we're coming for you. Work on image storage ongoing, could use support from Aaron
  • Usual metrics stuff, including metrics for UW; look out Analytics


  • Image model rewrite merged! :)
  • Have been having "fun" with jQuery upgrade
  • Cards: mostly blocked on Trevor (on vacation this week) or Timo (has been busy with jQuery upgrade)
  • Mobile owns half of our review queue, oops


  • Finished mw.cookie (use it for new client-side cookies)
  • Our latest Growth experiment is now in production (encouraging anonymous editors to signup) on four Wikipedias.
  • We're waiting on a review on:
    • Skin styles patch (#99)
    • Core deletion logging (#82) (there's a review for the API, hoping for a followup from or someone for the other part)