Scrum of scrums/2014-05-14

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Partners / Wikipedia ZeroEdit

  • #57 Firefox OS Exploraton: no progress from Adam's side
  • #2 ESI headers or GIFification
  • private configs now being pulled automatically
  • #108 memcached / httpGet config pull: NEW card, there's a (mostly isolated) issue with configs being pulled, may need Platform's help
  • #109 Refreshing bots: refreshing bot zombie clones are back. Whack-a-mole, X-Frame-Options, or both?


  • The team has agreed on the caching architecture with Gabriel in a meeting in Spain. In this sprint we are implementing this in labs and we'll need ops Gabriel to review that it's something that is a correct step towards production.
  • Migration of translation memory to ElasticSearch - Niklas L. is working on it, now on vacation. It's in progress and will need assistance from Nik E., but not immediately.


  • replication lag back to normal on s1-analytics-slave db1047
  • event logging back to normal
  • (not really analytics) in Zurich, halfak made to help python mw oauth integration


  • Zeljko out last week and this week for parental leave
    • Porting Jenkins jobs to WMF/Sauce is on hold until Z returns
  • Big refactor of VE tests to avoid logging and and avoid relying on existing target pages in test env
  • Hired new Release Engineer
  • New Automation engineer starts in late May


  • not much :)


  • Yay Mukunda!



  • Starting work on a thumbnailing solution that involves chaining...should massively improve performance
  • jQuery 1.9 compliance coming up in UW and TMH, possibly pending upstreams
  • More media viewer releases for three weeks, then we'll be on by default everywhere unless everything explodes. *knock on wood*
  • Something about OOJS and IE8. I blame Krinkle. See #97


  • Slow week due to Zurich
  • cscott (Parsoid team) in town this week and next, sitting next to Roan. Scott and Roan to work on VE transaction system
  • James F in Europe this week
  • #87: Ed has written , just needs review now
  • #100: Trevor making slow but steady progress
  • #97, #99: Roan to ping Timo, both have been traveling; Timo has been doing jQuery 1.9 stuff
  • #84: In progress, somewhat stalled until Moriel's image rewrite lands


  • New DC - CODFW
  • Design & procurement underway
  • Multimedia
  • More imagescaler issues; multimedia investigating
  • On-going expansion of LVS @ esams
  • Late this week/early next
  • rcstream
  • Collaborating with MWCore (Ori) to deploy this
  • Sync up with mobile


Continuing work on anonymous editor acquisition experiment; will probably be deployed tomorrow. Non-linear tours blocked within-team on logging discussions. mw.cookie almost done; will probably be merged this week. No change to inter-team blockers.