Scrum of scrums/2014-04-23

Task WallEdit



Notable itemsEdit

  • Multimedia-related image scaler issues - may need to rope in ops/Aaron to help
  • Roan to follow up with Mobile Web in regards to alternatives for mobile target to standalone VE [1]
  • Multimedia's OOJs bug still needs attention [2]
  • Growth's ResourceLoader-related changeset still needs attention from VE team [3]
  • Language team traveling next two weeks



  • Releases continue, moving to second batch of pilots tomorrow
  • Image scaler issues are on our radar but we're sort of splashing around in the shallows still. Standby for further attention. Ops and AaronSchulz may get co-opted for a few meetings to help us out.
  • Thanks to QA for #101, we're set for that.
  • We/I may need more help with cucumber on a debugging level.
  • #97 - VE says it's in progress, we're OK with that situation


Chris McMahon

  • Bringing up headless Firefox builds on WMF Jenkins (!!!)
  • Maintenance stuff
  • Hiring stuff
  • Sauce Labs negotiations
  • MMV: are we square now?
  • Quarterly Review next week
  • Program note: Chris working from Ithaca NY next week, taking advantage of European pairing for Jenkins Job Builder training and porting more Jenkins builds from Cloudbees


  • #80 - Had a meeting with Nik about next steps
  • Team traveling in Europe next week and the one after


  • Roan totally needs to talk to Chris about browser tests (yay headless Firefox!)
  • #99: added change to Roan's review backlog because Timo is busy
  • #87: Roan looked into this but believes something different is needed, requring more work from mobile. Will follow up with mobile offline
    • We do now have Rummana (our QA person) testing mobile VE and reporting bugs
  • #100: Trevor has done most of this, needs to get back to mobile about it
  • #97: James wrote a patch but Timo -1ed. Timo's busy with the aftermath of the downtime, I'll ask him to look at this once he has time
  • #84: In our review queue but stalled, Moriel working on rewrite of related but separate code. Roan will try to move this along but it may not land until Moriel is done with her rewrite


  • varnish text webrequest data is now in Kafka and in HDFS and Hive
  • eventlogging logs now in Kafka
  • No more servers on 10th floor in Tampa Datacenter

Analytics DevEdit

  • Wikimetrics new version deployed to


  • Continued working on non-linear tours and logging for that
  • Developing our next main experiment, which is designed to test calls to action for encouraging anonymous editors to signup.

Partners (W0)Edit

  • #57 FFOS exploration - no progress
  • #76 W0 portal - Brandon Black working on connecting Wikipedia web servers to W0 portal API endpoint for IPs
  • #2 ESI headers - no progress, Adam to review GIF-ification of banners
  • #94 FFOS W0 detection - DONE
  • #95 Analytics W0 dashboards - with business people
  • #96 W0 to add more proxy info to X-Analytics - no progress; will be after banner GIF-ification exploration and "split-brain" configurations with combined direct ("GPRS") and WAP gateway (still supports HTML) operator configurations


  • pushing new mobile watchlist, page history, user contributions and user profiles to stable (more traffic expected on those pages)
  • #100: Roan says 80-100% of it done
  • #87: need to discuss with VE team how to proceed