Scrum of scrums/2014-03-19

Task WallEdit




  • #58 LU rewrite still in review. Hi Roan!
  • #80 Solr->ES TTMServer migration: will start working on that this sprint
  • Preparing for content translation review
  • Guidance from parsoid team for identifying tagged language content in articles welcome (reached via email)


  • MobileFrontend support; refactoring and consolidation
  • Testing and announcing new features in the browser test framework
  • Preparing to spike migrating from 3rd party Jenkins to WMF Jenkins


  • New DC
  • In legal review
  • Network design
  • Tampa shutdown
  • sdtpa (move to 12th floor) shutdown late April (Apr 21st - Apr 26th)
  • Varnish
  • On-going maintenance
  • Ori's Set-Cookie GeoIP cookie
  • Zero
  • ops/zero meeting yesterday
  • Zero portal ( going forward
  • OSM
  • database import in progress
  • esams capacity upgrades
  • Varnishkafka
  • strange network speed inconsistencies between datacenters. Working on it.
  • JVM App Deployment
  • deliberating on where to host archiva, will probably get a small misc server for it



  • Working with Parsoid on image issues
  • Roan reviewing LocalisationUpdate rewrite by Niklas


Finishing up non-linear tours Next main project will be work to encourage anonymous users to become logged in editors


migration of production services to eqiad labs cluster was done unrelated to migration, the mobile limn dashboards are getting no data from the stat1 cron jobs starting on March 18th (88)


  • Shahyar Ghobadpour in SF, working on #83 JS & PHP templating solution. Handlebars JS/PHP interim approach is on Chris Steipp's radar for security review.
  • #84 Work with VE and Parsoid for generalized CSS / JS integration proceeds.


Doing continuous worldwide fundraising until the end of the fiscal year. Every week, we focus on two different countries. Banner campaigns are running via CantralNotice for the duration