Scrum of scrums/2014-03-12

Task WallEdit




  • card #86 - will follow up with Sean Pringle about index on archive table in analytics slaves
  • dependency / blocker on Ops team to ensure that DNS issues are solved in the eqiad labs cluster (we need to migrate production instances and are waiting on this to be resolved fully)


We're all stuck in a meeting, so we won't join, but we have nothing on the dep wall and no real dependencies. #chicken #yoloswag


  • #58 Working on LocalisationUpdate, will need review from Roan
  • #80 Will start working on TTMServer Solr->ES soonish


  • New DC - in progress, early phases
  • Tampa migration
  • Moving into 12th floor
  • Disaster recovery copies of everything
  • Dropped appservers
  • Labs migration in progress, no major issues
  • Varnish
  • Expanding esams cluster to accomodate load increase
  • Zero HTTPS deployed
  • Interim solution for Zero netmapper issue
  • Special Ops-Zero coordination meeting next week
  • OSM - on-going work
  • OSM syncing via osmosis
  • Puppet-managed spatial DBs
  • puppet manifests for osm2pgsql import of planet osm/coastline data
  • PDF
  • JeffG fighting with hardware
  • Hopefully to be done this week
  • Flow
  • Meeting between MWCore/Flow/Parsoid/Ops
  • JVM App Deployment:
  • Analytics
  • Kafka 0.81 released today, might think about upgrading.
  • Want to switch Kafka data dirs from ext3 to ext4 to align with recommendations.


  • Refactoring
  • Updates to the framework, moving shared code from extension repos to shared gem
  • Testing new features in the framework before general release


  • Since last time, worked on GuidedTour non-linear tours, logging, GettingStarted design improvements and rendering fixes, and designing UX improvements for the future
  • Will continue GuidedTour non-linear tours, review and test the rendering fixes, possibly some logging work, LESS linting for our projects


  • Not much new to report
  • MW Core's quarterly review is coming up in about a month, so let us know what you think are priorities soon! :)
  • Scap: see Bryan's bi-weekly email


  • #70 almost done, needs more testing
  • #57 still has a patch in core that needs to be merged


  • #83 (JS & PHP templating solution): we'll use Handlebars, since Knockout PHP implementation isn't ready, will need security review so switched Team dependency to security.
  • #84 continuing to find Parsoid differences with PHP parser, no critical bugs.

Partners / Wikipedia ZeroEdit

  • #54 Deprecation of WAP - Jon & Max were working on MobileFrontend pieces; there's no dependency on the W0 business team anymore. Per Faidon on call, the deployment actually is today, and there will be some minor VCL touchups. This can be closed.
  • #2 ESI headers - no update
  • #6 wikipedia zero portal - Praveena has scheduled a large meeting to discuss hosting
  • #81 Support Contributory Features for HTTPS Operators - this was released this morning. This can be closed.
  • #57 Firefox OS exploration - The ResourceLoader startup module patch was merged, not sure if it's deployed yet. The Redis integer serialization issue is a non-problem for RL in production, so will be abandoned despite the more general bug.