Scrum of scrums/2014-02-11

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit


  • Search hoping for Row D buildout to add servers
  • Search update coming with 10x speed improvement on some queries
  • ULS review done




Deployed a faster way to make limn graphs Kafka tee/ingesting more traffic into kafka JVM app deployment Worked with mobile on some graphs

  1. 78 underway



  • ULS review done, planned for deployment
  • I18n json - status still unclear



  • No response from ops re: pre-loading images, created #74 as a reminder
  • i18n for geolocation definitely sorted out, thanks all, #68 marked as done
  • Soon to be blocked by VE team because oojs-ui is not in core, but I have promises from James_F that it will be done this week. Added card #73 just in case.


  • ulsfo in production!
  • waiting for analytics/Ori on ulsfo's site performance impact
  • Varnish 3.0.5 deployment in eqiad/esams (Brandon)
  • About to work with Zero team (cards #2/#3, Brandon)
  • WAP to be deprecated on Feb 17th per agreement with Mobile/Zero (card #54)
  • Ubuntu 14.04 available for limited deployments (new PDF renderers)
  • Still in progress, since last week
  • Row D buildout
  • New datacenter procurement

Partners / Wikipedia ZeroEdit

dr0ptp4kt (Adam B)

Analytics says they're actively working on populating dashboards for all existing W0 carriers Dan Foy emailed mobile-l about deprecation of WML, so it should be disabled early next week. Note, there's an aberration with one carrier's high WML usage, which we're investigating. Android integration pending review with Yuvi iOS integration - mostly done, will be reviewing Brion's feedback and updating ESI headers - ? Support SSL - Yuri to talk with Brandon Black Wikipedia zero portal - needs consensus from ops; currently blocking further work on portal

Mobile appsEdit


  • Deployed last week and again this week to ENWIKI