Scrum of scrums/2014-02-04

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit

  • Language team waiting to hear from VE team about what to expect RE json i18n
  • W0 preparing to announce WAP/WML deprecation
  • Multimedia needs to discuss with Ops RE thumbnail generation
  • Ops expecting some delay due to resourcing changes on team, including SSL support for W0 (delayed ~1wk)
  • Mobile Web blocked on VE integration pending conversation with VE team this Fri



  • Missed a meeting, but nothing much inter-team has been going on, apart from continued work on QA and CI
  • Need to have a word with ops about pre-generating thumbnails for certain image sizes, and based on likely navigation paths

Wikipedia ZeroEdit

dr0ptp4kt (Adam B)

  1. 53 W0 dashboards - Still on hold.
  2. 57 Firefox OS exploration - Adam B talked with Roan and Timo T. The basic URL loader concept is okay. The MobileFrontend code will need to be rebased and un-conflicted to restart progress.
  3. 3 Support SSL - Rebase and un-conflict on Yuri's plate.
  4. 2 ESI headers - No change.
  5. 65 Android Integration - Adam B submitted first cut, it is undergoing code review with Brion and Yuvi.
  6. 66 iOS Integration - Adam B working on it this week, planning to submit first cut Friday for code review by Brion and Monte.
  7. 54 Dan Foy is preparing to message community about WAP deprecation, targeting Feb 17 for deprecation


Niklas Laxstrom/Runa Bhattacharjee

  • Working on content translation: we decided to build backend service on node.js; consulting with legal
  • #71 ULS patchsets are under review by Ori; we will prepare to announcements
  • #58 Would like to hear what we can expect from VE team on json i18n -> suggested to mail VE team directly
  • Mobile has asked to review addition of mobile apps to - Siebrand and I are working on that


Chris McMahon

  • VisualEditor is down on beta labs, but a fix is underway
  • Auth issue in beta labs API from last week is resolved
  • QA/Release Engineering quarterly review is next week


Chris Steipp


Faidon Liambotis/Andrew Otto

  • DTO transitioning
  • Diederik helping out ops, lots of RTs being triaged, expect pings
  • Finally redeploying ulsfo
  • Oceania already being served from ulsfo; traffic to be gradually ramped up over the course of the next week
  • Tampa migration moving along, about to pick up in speed
  • Labs migration making progress again, after initial setback with Mike Hoover's disappearance
  • eqiad Row D about to deployed, ETA ~1 week (affects ElasticSearch deployment among others)
  • New datacenter procurement still in contract negotiations, with a clear contender
  • OSM being worked on, Alex is the point person
  • Initial target is Labs/Toolserver replacement
  • Research for tileserver & production to last for approx. the next month
  • Brandon to take over Zero work, but after ulsfo gets fully deployed
  • Analytics (Otto)
  • work on kafkatee proceeding nicely
  • varnishkafka in bits is not particuarly happy. Dropping messages, not sure why, still investigating
  • analytics1021 (Kafka broker) down, (mostly) handling 50K msg/sec with one broker at the moment


Matt Flaschen

  • Done removing Special:GettingStarted (modal, toolbar, and API remain)
  • Next big step is to deploy GettingStarted to additional Wikipedias
  • Drafts enhancements are progressing through design state.



  • deployed quantity datatype to
  • works fine
  • no pressing blockers at the moment


S Page

  • Enabled on two enwiki pages as planned.
  • Little usage but tons of feedback,
  • issue is how often to deploy fixes how soon vs. riding the train in two Thursdays. We need a lightning deploy today for CheckUser fixes,


Juliusz Gonera

  • blocked on VE for tablets (#70), waiting for the meeting with the VE team on Friday
  • Jon is making slow progress with Firefox OS (#57)