Scrum of scrums/2014-01-28

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit

  • Platform to follow up on ULS patch review, Card #71
  • QA needs help from Platform sorting out auth failures when editing via the API on betalabs Card #72
  • Analytics needs support from Ops on analysis of pageview drops in December Card #69
  • Analytics is still blocked on feedback from W0 on analytics dashboards #53
  • Ops unclear on status of WAP depreciation, Mark will be pinging Faidon Card #54


Andrew Otto

  • varnishkafka deployed on bits, now handling 10x traffic than previously
  • Hadoop client now available for users from stat1002. This allows use of more available analysis packages (R, numpy, pandas, etc.)
  • Started looking at archiva for JVM App Deployment project.
  • wikimetrics role should now work in mediawiki-vagrant


Bryan Davis, Greg

  • Greg to follow up on card 71


Chris McMahon


Dan Andreescu

  • Still need a second look on card #69; ideally
  • Worked with Jon R on getting limn graphs to update again... graphs on the cluster seem stuck on Jan 17
  • Card #53 still blocked; needs feedback from Toby and Dan Foy
  • Bingle has been acting up! Need help upgrading - Arthur to help out


Lydia Pintscher

  • #59 is no longer a problem


Matt Flaschen

  • No blockers in either direction
  • Deploying GettingStarted to addtional language wikipedias - coming up soon, but not this week

Mobile WebEdit

Juliusz Gonera

  • Ongoing work with VE stuff, likely need some support from the VE team
  • Not sure what's going on with card #57

Wikipedia ZeroEdit

Adam Basso

  1. 3 Support SSL - rebase patch on Yuri's plate, then re-review by Mark
  2. 53 W0 Dashboards - still on hold (Christian working separate high priority topic AFAIK)
  3. 65 Android - client side behavior 95% done, will still need full code review when at 100% - I will email Yuvi and Brion at that point; server side API changes will be necessary - I will code and Yuri will code review one part with Yuvi code reviewing another
  4. 57 Firefox OS - Roan and I started talking, will need to talk more on ResourceLoader; I still need to respond to Timo's Bugzilla feedback
  5. 66 iOS - still planned for after Android
  6. 2 ESI Headers - no change