Scrum of scrums/2014-01-21

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit

  • Language needs help from the VE team for upcoming sprint
  • Mobile apps needs review on a core patch (see below)
  • Analytics needs ops review on pageview drop drom Dec (See below)


Amir Aharoni

  • Working on content translation
  • Next sprint -- need help from VE team
  • ULS extension inadvertently disabled in production/repaired
    • Will impact ops/deployment
  • 58 is not currently blocking

Mobile AppsEdit

Wikipedia ZeroEdit

  1. 53 "WO dashboards" - on hold, Christian tasked on other high priority item
  2. 64 "New Overlay" - mobile web handling gracefully, card can be closed
  3. 65 "Android Integration" - submitted part 1 of Y for Android, going through review, will be submitting more
  4. 66 "iOS Integration" - will work once done with #65
  5. 2 "ESI headers" - ESI fix not coming for approximately 6 months, using VCL hacks for the time being, but exploring <img> tags as ESI-like workaround
  6. 3 "Support SSL" - Mark revising VCL patch to hack in SSL support for W0, plan will be to continue using this approach for the foreseeable future
  7. 57 "Firefox OS exploraton" - Bugzilla and email dialogue with Timo and Roan ongoing.


  • Tampa outage fun
  • New datacenter selection moving along
  • ulsfo procurement going forward, ramp up tentatively starting next week (pending vendor issues)
  • check_ganglia packaged and being used
  • useful CLI for querying metrics from ganglia
  • hadoop and kafka icinga alerts finally under control
  • Hadoop and Hive now available for testing on mediawiki-vagrant!
  • Work needed to assist PDF sprint (see ops@ & RT)
  • Varnish & Zero discussions
  • Discussions about JVM app deployment system. Nik and Otto plan to start working on a test setup in labs soon.


  • Page view December drop analyzed and needs ops review (#69)
  • MediaWiki oauth deployed to Limn/WikiMetrics
  • Limn impacted by Tampa cable cut
    • Should be fixed now
  • Charles Salvia just joined WMF on Analytics team
  • csalvia in IRC,



  • LDAP replication to EQIAD is fixed/should be fixed soon
  • Bugzilla is being upgraded in early February (moving to EQIAD from Tampa)
  • Bryan Davis will announce the Logstash awesomeness soon



  • Analytics waiting for Kafka
  • Hadoop review may be more important


Progress on getting started/patches merged Sam Smith (London) started



  • Script to monitor fatals on beta labs merged and deployed


  • Still working on uploads API monitor script
  • Support calls for bogus failures in browser test Jenkins still in process
  • Browser tests for VE in MobileFrontend


  • VisualEditor still not updated correctly on beta labs since repo name changed (NB
NB this is now resolved


Launch to 2 enwiki projects January 28