Scrum of scrums/2014-01-14

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit

  • If your team is using or planning on using Mediawiki UI, contact S Page.
  • Analytics still blocked by W0 on feedback RE dashboards (53)
  • Current status of all ops dependency cards on wall unknown
  • Mobile web to coordinate with W0 on new overlay changes (64)
  • Mobile web/W0 need feedback from VE on Firefox OS integration (57)
  • W0 meeting with Ops on Thursday to discuss current blockers (2 and 3)


Andrew Otto

  • Unsure of status of Ops cards on wall
  • Discussing support for deploying JVM apps.
  • Hadoop and Hive now (almost) supported by Ori's mediawiki-vagrant

Mobile AppsEdit

Brion Vibber

  • A few patches in review awaiting feedback on security

MW CoreEdit

Bryan Davis

  • Log stash being provisioned in production


Dan Andreescu

  • merged a patch for Mobile Web (#44)
  • helped with SQL queries for multimedia re Limn Graphs (#67)
  • still blocked on #53


Greg Grossmeier

  • Beta cluster extensions not updating properly (eg. visual editor)
  • Gerrit oddness - Chad looking into it


Matt Flaschen

  • Getting Started Special Page, API
  • Drafts feature next steps


Niklas Laxstrom

  • Translation reporting, content translation project
  • patch to fix IE8? issues
  • Performance patch ready for deployment
  • Still following up with VE on i18n jsonficiation (58)

Mobile WebEdit

Jon Robson

  • #44 Limn Graphs done
  • #64 still in progress, needs to be dealt with soon
  • #57 moved to blocked by VE
  • #63 done

Core FeaturesEdit

S Page

  • deploy on en.wikipedia, going ok except slight trolling
  • update on mediawiki.ui work with May & designers (check design list for updates or drop S an email)



  • Analytics work basically done - thanks, Dan - a little more to go but we can handle it
  • Mostly internal stuff for this sprint, but still looking towards UploadWizard changes that will be helpful in the long run
  • Talked with Niklas about i18n approach for geoloc coordinates, thanks Niklas! May need review on it:
  • Big change to BetaFeatures going out this week, but we're not sure about how to deal with it, may need advice from someone at some point but not clear. Platform watch out?


Chris McMahon Since last time:

   * Updated Jenkins email template
   * Paired with Arthur on browser tests
   * WIP API to create test data at run time


   Is MMV on beta labs? 
   * Deploy script to monitor fatals on beta labs
   * Deploy test for upload API In production
   * Hack Jenkins more
   * Hack Mobile tests more
   * Prepare tests to run for bare-wiki/PhantomJS

No impediments, no blocks for others, just regular old deliberate review and collaboration stuff

Wikipedia Zero (W0)Edit


  • #57 "Firefox OS Exploration" - currently stalled, Adam B to check with Roan and Timo on ResourceLoader dependency
  • #2 "ESI Headers" and #3 "Support SSL" - Dan F, Tomasz F (Maybe), Yuri, Adam B to meet with Brandon B + Faidon L + Mark B on Thursday
  • #65 "Android Integration" - first code review needed in about a week
  • #66 "iOS Integration" - first code review needed in about 2.5 weeks
  • #53 "W0 Dashboards" - unsure of status
  • #64 "New overlay UX and header chrome being deployed" - Adam B to ask Yuri A to test and +2