Readers/Web/Team/Hosting Prototypes server


Prototypes (or any other static html files) can be hosted on the service. The doesn't require any maintenance and allow every person with production ssh access to put any static content in their home directory. In the past Reading-Web-Team had a designated server (, this idea was abandoned because of the mainteance cost and the fact that having a separate cloud vps instance just to host static files is an overkill.

How upload prototype:


You need to make sure that you have a public_html folder in your home directory. By default users do not have this folder.

To create the public_html directory with correct permissions please do following:

ssh rutherfordium.eqiad.wmnet
mkdir ~/public_html
chmod ugo+rx ~/public_html
Copy the prototype

Command to copy files to your home directory:

scp -r path_to_prototype rutherfordium.eqiad.wmnet:/home/{YOUR_SHELL_ACCOUNT_NAME}/public_html/prototype_name


-r recursively copy entire directory

path_to_prototype a path to directory on your local machine

{YOUR_SHELL_ACCOUNT_NAME} - the ssh account name on the production servers


  • doesn't have zip package, make sure you're copying uncompressed files or use tar.bz2.
  • please make sure that all files have +r for others and directories have +x, otherwise browser will return 403 Forbidden errors because of file access permission denied.
  • in the prototype please use relative paths (eg img/, js/) instead of /img/, /js/. The prototype will be visible under /~{YOUR_SHELL_ACCOUNT_NAME} and there is no possibility to put anything inside root path (eg