Reading/Web/Release process

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Product release process

  1. Prototyping
  2. Define quantitative testing plan
  3. Define deployment plan
    1. Do we roll out to several wikis at a time?
    2. Will testing on the beta cluster / reading web staging be sufficient?
    3. Will we roll out to beta mode than stable?
    4. Do we have any dependencies on other teams (e.g. security)?
    5. How will we achieve what we agree to?
  4. Development
  5. Development complete
  6. Feature flag/kill switch
  7. Code quality review
  8. Security Review
  9. BETA
  10. Full QA
  11. Instrumentation
  12. Testing (qualitative/quantitative)
  13. Bug Fixing
  14. Full documentation on-wiki and rollout plan
  15. Internal performance review
  16. API dashboard
  17. Performance review by the performance team
  18. Community consensus
  19. GO 

Development release process


The reading web team current release process is the normal Wikimedia release process. See Version lifecycle, and Release checklist for more info.

We previously experimented with a branch based release process.