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We like to prototype the things we build to save development efforts on seeing them through to completion.


Send mockups/get initial replies the initial prototype idea will be shown to the team. This may be done over email, within a phabricator ticket (or both). I think for smaller prototypes a phab ticket should do just fine, but for the initial few times we do this I would suggest both so we can get used to being dilligent about the process. The prototype will then be discussed separately during water-cooler/syncup time. If more time is necessary, we can schedule a separate meeting as well. Whoever is sending out the initial prototype (most likely Nirzar or Olga, but not necessarily) will need to include the following:

  • Mockups (or InVision if possible)
  • Value proposition - an explanations on what the prototype is for, the main use cases, why we're builiding it, when it will be tested
  • Fidelity - what is the expected feature-set of the prototype. How much of the platform will be recreated
  • Tasks for creating prototype

Develop prototype within regular sprint cycles

  • Determine environment for prototype
  • Determine who works on prototype - generally only one person would/should work on a prototype and wouldn't deliver an artifact that can be picked up by another person.

Test/evaluate prototype Present results to team (in ad-hoc meeting or during syncup if small enough)

Discuss and decide whether to build the thing we prototyped

Build and deploy