Reading/Strategy/Updated Timeline/Meeting Notes: Finalize Possibilities for Problem 1


During our 2-day meeting, we brainstormed strategic possibilities for Problem 1 (see Slide 37, here:

We should circle back around to:

  • make sure there are no missing/overlooked possibilities for this problem
  • try to further narrow down or refine these sets of possibilities (if possible)
  • cross-check that we understand the where to play and how to win components of the possibilities
  • decide which of these possibilities we want to create cascades for and test (in addition to the two that we worked on in our 2-day meeting)
  • decide how we want to tackle the cascades, barriers, and tests (eg breakout groups, all on etherpad, mix, meetings, other?) some ideas or

Note: the actual cascades and tests can be worked on asynchronously Note: Don't forget about $$: we have to have a business model that makes sense: TEST - do we have an offering that people will pay for

Some strategic possibilities for this choice were backlogged and the remaining were assigned breakout groups for further exploration:

Problem 1: Our core capabilities, infrastructures, and workflows are not optimized for emerging platforms, experiences, and communities

Choice 1: Improve our end user experiences

C1P1: Enable readers to share content to read inside and outside Wikis++++++ (AB)(JTM)

C1P2: Restructure display to focus on media.+++++++(KH)(DB)(JR to play devils advocate)(AB)(BG)(ME)

C1P3: Create a reading experience tailored for users in the global south.++++++++ (AG) (AB)(JR)(KH)(JK)

C1P4: Make a kick ass long form reading experience.++++(JTM)(DB)(AB)

C1P5: Stop focusing on search and emphasize discovery/browsing in UI.++++ (can we separate out these two possibilities...discovery is big)(KH)(TN)

C1P6: Create deep-dive (guided) educational experience.++++(TN)(AG)(JK)(BG)(ME)

C1P7: Allow readers to interact with content in casual ways-as a game, by voting, or network (like stack overflow)+++(JK)(KL)(JTM)

Choice 2: Enable others to improve end user experiences

C2P1: Set of pre-built content for embedding existing wikimedia content.+++(TN)(AG) (ME)

C2P2: Grant rich/deep access to inform - platform/tools beyond scope of general reference.+++(JK) (AB)

C2P3: Become THE broker of open access data, targeting specific channel partners.+++(JK) (AB)(JTM)(BG)


Strengthen dev advocacy to engage U/X + developer experts to improve reading UX. (this was actually a "how to win" for some o fthe choice 2 possibilities!)

Optimize experience for users coming from specific referrers (eg. Google, etc)+

Kick Ass mobile lookup experience (fast, accurate) for mass market in global north.++ (maybe a how to win for some of the options above)