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Wednesday, 09-September-2015

Reading/Strategy/Meet to Narrow Down Strategic Problems [DONE]

Thursday, 10-September-2015

Meet to Run through Designing a Test for a Barrier [DONE]

Monday, 14-September-2015

Send out Meeting One Report to Reading internal and stakeholders [DONE]: and

15-September through 29-September

Nomenclature note: Having honed in on two problems from the original eight, we can now refer to a Problem 1 and Problem 2:

Problem 1. Our core capabilities, infrastructures, and workflows are not optimized for emerging platforms, experiences, and communities


Problem 2. When users access content through third parties we:

* Can’t measure user value

* Don’t get contributors or donors

* Can’t ensure content is displayed in line with our values

15-September through 17-September

Frame a choice for Problem 2 (asynchronous, via etherpad) [DONE]

In our strategy meeting, we framed a choice for Problem 1. We’ll want to do the same for Problem 2. Let’s try to do this asynchronously. Guidelines and instructions are on etherpad:

Post-Sep 17 (with group, via email + etherpad) [IN PROGRESS]

* Group similar Problem 2 choices together

* Reframe/rephrase choice groups as needed.

* Decide which choices we want to run with


Finalize Possibilities to Test for Problem 1 (meeting) [DONE]

18-September through 22-September

Generate Possibilities (where to play, how to win) for Problem 2 Choices (asynchronous, etherpad TBA)

By this point we should have a choice framed for Problem 2. The next step is to brainstorm Strategic Possibilities for this problem. Etherpad with guidelines for possibilities TBA. Finish by COB Sep 22.


Finalize Possibilities to Test for Problem 2 (meeting, see calendar invite)

16-September through 29-September

Create strategy cascades for most promising Possibilities, Identify conditions and barriers, and design tests (asynchronous, etherpad TBA). [IN PROGRESS]

//Moushira: During this time we can also socialize internally.  Is it possibly that Toby organizes a session in collab space to walk others through what we have done, making it clear that we are making ourselves familiar with the new methodology?  The winning part here is to make it clear that there is always room for others to pitch in their ideas, if they follow the same way of thinking.  I would rather we socialize internally and get questions asked, before we move to a broader audience.  This is a great exercise to see how far clear are we able to communicate our thoughts on the process that we are learning ourselves.  Thanks!


Review tests on


Communication of Tests

Goes to quarterly goals (OKRs) on (if applicable) and mailing list(s).


Implement and run tests


Roll out all tests and collect and synthesize data

Thursday, 3-December-2015

Strategy Meeting Three: Revise Strategy Based On Test Results

  • Revise strategy cascade based on test results
  • Come up with strategy communication plan
  • Agree on capabilities and management system for new strategy
  • Agree on other teams or depts that may need additional cascades

Thursday, 10-December-2015

The Great Unveiling

Invited: ED, Directors, Reading