Reading/Multimedia/Media Viewer/Metrics/Architecture

How the Multimedia analytics are built:

  1. Extension:EventLogging is used to generate logs of different events; the data is stored on the analytics DB servers.
  2. A cron job on stat1003 uses some scripts to generate TSV files that are more useful timeseries or distributions and publish them on the web
  3. Our metrics dashboard server, running on the limn1 Labs instance, displays the latest version of those TSV files in a graph format, using limn with this configuration.

To change the data generation part of the pipeline, you need to get shell access on stat1003. To change the display part, you need root access to the limn1 instance on Labs (which requires being a projectadmin of the analytics project) and installing limn-deploy and running fab multimedia deploy.only_data --user <labs shell username>. Or you can just ask User:MarkTraceur for help deploying changes.