Reading/Multimedia/Architecture/Tech Debt Backlog

Loosely prioritized list from 2013 of technical debt projects related to the Multimedia team.

This list of high level tasks represents the consensus of the Engineering staff involved in it's creation. The items on this list may or may not be implemented and may or may not require further community discussion. Further feedback by interested parties via the discussion page is encouraged. Such input may or may not be acted upon in the near term.

Fall 2013 Backlog edit

  1. Thumbnail pipeline:
    1. Improve logging messages for thumbnail generation failures so that Ops can report better information on failures
      • Champion: Faidon
    2.   In progress (Simplify thumbnail cache RFC) Decrease storage cost of thumbnails via robust CDN configuration
      • Change Varnish hashing for thumbnail URLs so we don't need to keep list of variant names just to support purging
      • Store generated assets differently to reduce replica clutter
      • Champion: Aaron
    3. Version URLs to help stop cache problems
      • Champion: FIXME
    4. Emit page purge jobs for commons files
      • Champion: Aaron (and anyone who uses commons)
  2. Improve large file operations:
    1. Allow rename without copy (ie detach storage location from logical name)
      • Champion: Aaron
    2. Reduce lock contention associated with long running file operations
      • Champion: Aaron
    3. Identify and extract operations that can be done via job queue
      • Champion: Aaron
  3. Chunked upload enhancements:
    1. Change process state storage to use memcached or other data store instead of using php user session
      • Champion: Aaron
    2. Improve job queue reliability
      • Champion: Aaron
    3. Fix open bugs or know why we can't
  4. Improve SVG rendering:
    • Make sure rsvg and fonts are up to date
    • Support for multilingual SVGs
    • Lots of SVG bugs in Bugzilla
    • Consider adding more fonts for rendering support (possibly including non-free fonts)
  5. UploadWizard improvements:

Resources edit

People to talk to about things and stuff:

  • Aaron -- all things cache related
  • User:Bawolff -- all the MM things
  • Brad -- API
  • Faidon -- file storage infrastructure, imagescalers, operational/systems aspects in general