This is a stub article that will eventually be a description of our multimedia architecture. See also this list of media projects.

Component inventory edit

Component Description Maintainers In training
File management Management of uploaded files (images, thumbnails, etc.)   Aaron Schulz
SVG rendering Bugs related to SVG rendering on Wikimedia websites.   TheDJ
Uploading File upload interface at Special:Upload. (Issues with already uploaded files should be filed under "File management")   Ryan Kaldari
UploadWizard Tool for uploading multiple files at once, with a friendly tutorial for newbies.   Mark Holmquist, Ryan Kaldari
MultimediaViewer Advanced UI for displaying images.   MM team
CommonsMetadata API to fetch (mostly) template-based metadata from image description pages.   MM team
GWToolset Mass uploader tool for GLAM image donations.   Dan Entous
PagedTiffHandler Handle TIFF images, including multi-paged ones.   Daniel Kinzler?
GlobalUsage View the global usage of images in a wiki farm with shared image repository.   Bryan Tong Minh
ImageMap Clickable image maps   Tim Starling
TimedMediaHandler Display audio and video files in wiki pages, using the same syntax as for image files.   Michael Dale, Tim Starling
PdfHandler Show uploaded pdf files in a multipage preview layout.   xarax
Score Render musical scores as PNG images using LilyPond and can also transform them into audio and MIDI files.   Alexander Klauer
VipsScaler Wrapper around VIPS, a free image processing software. VIPS is a set of image manipulation tools specially designed for speed and low memory usage. This is useful for resizing large PNGs, and it improves the appearance of shrunken JPEGs.   Bryan Tong Minh

Gadgets/Experiments edit

Technical debt edit

See Multimedia/Architecture/Tech_Debt_Backlog for current list and discussion.

Future ideas edit

  • Dynamic map support (to replace GeoHack)
    • Embeddable
    • Customizable via Maps namespace(?)
    • Use pretty Stamen map tiles