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MediaWiki上的各种旧版特殊页面默认情况下不使用响应式网页设计。 编辑模板时,我们的编辑器也仅限于使用内联样式,而且他们的许多设计都针对桌面浏览器进行了优化。 因此,我们的维基百科内容在桌面域名上的移动设备上没有友好的显示。 问题在包括模板,表格和导航框的页面中最为明显。

Sites like use the MobileFrontend extension to format content for mobile devices. But this technology alone can't account for all of the complexity of wiki pages and we'd like investigate some options.


  1. 其他内容网站,如BBC新闻},已转向响应式网页设计。

我们不一定要首先考虑移动设备,但我们必须考虑跨设备显示。 移动浏览量一直在增长,而桌面浏览量一直在下降。

  1. The more hidden or garbled content we display, the more readers are detached from Wikipedia, and the less they are able to learn about how it works, and the less engaged they become in discussions.
  1. Our options of either an incomplete experience or a garbled/overwhelming display are not sustainable.

We have a responsibility towards both our editors and our readers, to enable them to access and interact with our sites in a reasonable experience, and we have a responsibility towards Wikipedia itself.

  1. 诸如英语维基百科的路标和互助客栈之类的某些页面通常在移动设备上不可读。


Focus on enhancing the most garbled display elements: templates, tables and navboxes, this requires:

  • 允许在模板中设置样式
  • Allow mobile review/warning when template isn't mobile friendly
  • Addressing the problem of big tables with possible solutions
  • Enhancing our mobile editing experience to help bring in more content that is mobile friendly by default.
  • Support creating UIs using markup, through OOJS
  • Show preview of mobile to desktop editors