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Diverses pàgines de llegat especials a la Mediawiki no utilitzen disseny de web sensible per defecte. Els nostres editors estan també restringits a l'ús de estils en linia quan editen plantilles i molts dels seus dissenys són optimitzats per navegadors d'escriptori. Com a resultat, el nostre contingut de Viquipèdia no té una visualització amistosa al mòbil en noms de domini d'escriptori. El problema és més visible en pàgines amb plantilles, taules i 'navboxes'.

Sites like https://en.m.wikipedia.org/ use the MobileFrontend extension to format content for mobile devices. Però aquesta tecnologia sola no pot respondre per tota de la complexitat de les pàgines de la viquipèdia i ens agradaria investigar algunes opcions.

Per què és això un problema?

  1. Other content outlets, such as the BBC News, have moved to responsive web design.

We don't necessarily have to think mobile first, but we have to consider cross-device display. Mobile pageviews have been growing while desktop pageviews have been decreasing.

  1. The more hidden or garbled content we display, the more readers are detached from Wikipedia, and the less they are able to learn about how it works, and the less engaged they become in discussions.
  1. Our options of either an incomplete experience or a garbled/overwhelming display are not sustainable.

We have a responsibility towards both our editors and our readers, to enable them to access and interact with our sites in a reasonable experience, and we have a responsibility towards Wikipedia itself.

  1. Certain pages such as the English Wikipedia's Signpost and Village Pumps are not generally readable on Mobile devices.

Possible solutions?

Focus on enhancing the most garbled display elements: templates, tables and navboxes, this requires:

  • Allow styling in templates
  • Allow mobile review/warning when template isn't mobile friendly
  • Addressing the problem of big tables with possible solutions
  • Enhancing our mobile editing experience to help bring in more content that is mobile friendly by default.
  • Support creating UIs using markup, through OOJS
  • Show preview of mobile to desktop editors