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On github Edit

Register on npm with 2FA Edit

Wikimedia members are listed on and 2FA is required for publishing. See wikitech:Npm registry for info on getting access.

Prepare the versioning and make a changelog Edit

Create a new pull request which modifies the package.json version file number (see and run:

npm version patch --git-tag-version=false

… for trivial changes, or for bigger releases:

npm version minor --git-tag-version=false

… or if it contains breaking changes then:

npm version major --git-tag-version=false

Commit the modifications to package.json and package-lock.json

Generate change log if exists Edit

A changelog (example) can be maintained by modifying with the result of

git log `git describe --tags --abbrev=0` ..HEAD --oneline

Running tests Edit

Always check tests are passing before releasing. If using Github pull requests with CI this should have been done automatically.

Create pull request Edit

Create a pull request get someone to approve it, and merge.

Releasing the code Edit

Once the code is merged

git fetch
git checkout origin/master
npm publish

you should be prompted for a 2FA token