Quality Assurance/Meetings/2013-07-18

July 3 Wikimedia Tech Workshop
What Browser test automation with Cucumber and Selenium
How Online (Google Hangout, YouTube stream, Etherpad)
When Thursday, July 18, 2013, 16:00 UTC, 2 hours
Where Etherpad: http://etherpad.wikimedia.org/QAworkshop

Video of the workshop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9GCQL0AW3k

  • Rachel99 - I can make it, but will be arriving 15 mins. late.
  • Testerfromleic - It will be my pleasure to attend. Thanks for arranging this.
  • Plavi9 - Count me in for this workshop and thank you very much.
  • Ozhu - I would be interested! I ended up spending the bulk of the last session setting up Ruby...
  • Quim Gil - I'm helping organizing these workshops but I really need to learn.
  • Carol Sanders - I can make it remotely. I spent much of the last session troubleshooting cucumber..
  • Oldjoe - I can participate remotely.
  • Karima Rafes - I'm a newbie ;)
  • Jean-Fred − I’m a test/CI guy, but totally new to browser tests.

Cucumber and Page Objects: Writing Great Browser Tests edit

See also Browser Automation Workshops.

This session will take you through every step of writing an automated test for WikiLove, a real feature on Wikipedia, from the requirements to the executable code.

We'll start by crafting a plain English description of a software feature in the form of Given/When/Then statements for Cucumber.

Then we will turn that plain English description of the software feature into an executable test using the Page Object design pattern.

There will be kittens.

Programming knowledge is not required, although programming experience is helpful when we turn to implementing our Cucumber scenarios.


  • Discussion: create some Cucumber test scenarios for a particular Wikipedia feature.
  • Setup: install Ruby and prerequisites for Cucumber/Page Object tests.
  • Tech demo: Cucumber makes it easy to write the test steps.
  • Tech demo: create the Page Object for the test.
  • Finish: watch the tests run on your local machine, and check the test into the real Wikipedia repository

Setup edit

Please setup either a virtual machine or your computer before the workshop. There will be no time for setup during the workshop. For setup instructions please see Browser testing/setup instructions.

Run a test edit

In config directory:

  • In config.yml file, change Selenium_user in mediawiki_username: Selenium_user to your user name.
  • Create secret.yml file if it does not exist. Add your password to the file, something like mediawiki_password: YOUR_USER_PASSWORD

If everything is set up properly, from a command line in the browsertests directory, do

$ bundle exec cucumber features/wikilove.feature

and watch our test run in Firefox on your computer. Kittens!

Hack edit

  • As a group, improve the existing Cucumber scenarios
  • As a group, make a new Cucumber Scenario
  • Make the new tests run!

Get Involved edit

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