Project:Proposal for changing logo of MediaWiki, 2020

The new MediaWiki logo
The previous MediaWiki logo

The current logo of MediaWiki was adopted slightly more than fifteen years ago and hasn’t changed since. This logo is outdated and comes with several problematic issues, that were in parts already known at time of its creation, despite featuring the nice concept of a sunflower. The sunflower represents the diversity, the constant growth and also the wilderness.

Biggest issues of current logo:

  • It’s a bitmap picture so it’s unusable in large sizes (like large posters)
  • Same goes for number of colors and shades that make it hardly usable for applications like t-shirts or other swag
  • Its high details (“too realistic”) makes it unusable in small sizes
  • It makes it hard to do variants or easy adaptations (imagine anniversaries, special occasions applications), as it already features so many different styles, that it's hard to fit in any more or modify

Most, virtually all, software products use a simpler and more abstract form following basic logo design guidelines and best-practices to avoid above issues. For example, Docker, Kubernetes, Ubuntu, Vue.js, React, Apache Kafka, Drupal and many more. It’s a good time for MediaWiki to follow suit.

My request is for changing the logo of MediaWiki and for this project only, not for changing logos of any other project.

Please show your support, oppose or your comments for proposals below.

Logo changing processes and examples of other projects in meta wiki: m:Discussion on the logo votes

Phase From Date End Date Notes
Proposals and discussions June 22nd, 2020 August 10th, 2020 Time to add proposals and discuss them
Voting round one August 10th, 2020 September 10th, 2020 Voting on general design of all proposals
Preliminary legal clearance September 10th, 2020 September 24th, 2020
Voting round two September 24th, 2020 October 24th, 2020 Vote on variants of top proposals
Legal clearance of the top candidate October 24th, 2020 April 1st, 2021

Voting Rounds edit