April 2013 edit

Date Type Event Contact
31 March 2013–7 April 2013   Offline Hackathon 2013 (Paris, France)
1 April 2013–7 April 2013   QA: Fresh bugs triageSkin and page rendering with a dedicated bugday on April 02nd AKlapper, Valeriej
6 April 2013   QA: Weekend Testing Americas focuses in the new Account creation user experience. Steven Walling, Cmcmahon, Quim Gil.
6 April 2013   Iconathon with The Noun Project (San Francisco, CA, USA) VBamba (WMF), MAssaf
10 April 2013   Language Engineering team office hour in #wikimedia-office connect Runa Bhattacharjee
11 April 2013   Meetup: GSoC and other open source internship programs (San Francisco, CA, USA) Quim Gil
14 April 2013   THATCamp London 2013 and Europeana hackathon (London, UK) Wikimedia UK
15 April 2013   QA: Old bugs triageBug reports without updates for 18 months AKlapper
18 April 2013   Tech Talk: 3 tech projects receiving Wikimedia grants Quim Gil
20 April 2013   Last day to register for the May Amsterdam hackathon and request travel subsidy Multichill
24 April 2013   QA: Language Engineering team monthly bug triage on #mediawiki-i18n connectTranslate UX (TUX) bugs Runa Bhattacharjee
30 April 2013   Last day to submit a talk for Wikimania in August Wikimania organizing team