Product Analytics/Mission and Values

Our mission and values inform our work: what we do and how we do it.

Mission edit

We deliver quantitatively-based user insights to inform decision-making within the Foundation and the Wikimedia Movement in order to support Wikimedia’s strategic direction toward service and equity.

Values edit

We strive to provide guidance, insights, and data that are:

Ethical The data we use are ethically sourced & applied.
Trusted Our analysis is reliable & valid. We clarify our level of certainty, flag issues if they arise, and provide caveats as needed.
Impactful We focus on providing insights that impact product development and organizational decisions.
Accessible Our colleagues can access the data they need and understand how to use it. Our guidance and insights are clear and digestible.
Inclusive Inclusivity and equity are fundamental moral imperatives.

In our daily work, we seek out diverse perspectives and abilities to strengthen the quality of our analysis.

Inspired We spark creativity through deep thought, collaboration, and fun!