Product Analytics/Fun edit

Since we're distributed, we like to get together and connect over games of Skribblio. Here's a custom wordlist, full of data and tech terms plus some Wikimedia references and random things that have popped in chat.

android, apple, area chart, axis, baby, balloon, bar chart, barnstar, bead, bias, block, book, boombox, boomerang, bot, box, brain, brainstorm, branch, bug, cactus, calculator, calendar, camel, camping, candlestick, carousel, cash, cat, cell, citation, cloud, coffee, column, community, community, computer, cookie, correlation, cursor, dashboard, data, data center, data lake, data scientist, database, diagram, dog, dragon, edit, error, error bar, experiment, field, fireworks, flywheel, folder, fork, funnel, garden, globe, hashtag, headphones, heatmap, histogram, hot chocolate, house, houseplant, hula hoop, hypothesis, ice fishing, icebox, join, Jupiter, kernel, key, keyboard, kiwi, laptop, leaf, library, lightbulb, line graph, list, llama, lock, lolsob, loop, magic, map, map, mask, median, merge, migration, mindblown, mobile, mode, monitor, moon, mouse, music, normal, notebook, origin, otter, pandas, papaya, paste, patch, pattern, pendulum, penguin, pie chart, pipe, platform, porcupine, presentation, privacy, pumpkin, puzzle, pyramid, python, query, rabbit hole, reader, recycle bin, regression, sad trombone, sandbox, scale, scatter plot, schema, scoop, search, seed, set, shell, shiny, shooting star, snowflake, spark, spider, spreadsheet, squirrel, standing desk, steering committee, step, stream, string, sunlight, sunrise, surfing, table, tada, tag, tea, tech bro, telescope, thread, timeline, timestamp, tool, toolbar, train, tree, unicorn, vaccine, vault, venn diagram, village pump, violin, vuvuzela, watch, waterfall, web, whale, wheel