Parsoid/VisualEditor debugging

Ideally we'd have a way to get issue reports from users with the following information:

  • page name ('title' property) and oldid
  • (maybe) VE input DOM
  • VE output DOM
  • wikitext diff
  • user message describing what they did, what they expected and how the output differs
  • timestamp (so we can work out which version of Parsoid, VE are involved)
  • VE change markings (so we know what areas are meant to have changed)

We now provide a POST target that expects a 'data' parameter containing JSON with at least a 'title' property:

  "title": "The page",
  "oldid": 12345,
  "message": "the user-supplied message",
  "diff": "the wikitext diff",
  "veInDOM": "the input HTML DOM",
  "veOutDOM": "the output HTML DOM"
Clearance wording
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Getting the current output DOM from the editor edit

In the meantime, the following might be useful:[0];